Your Teacher Is A Dragon in Human Form

"Where's your bloody neck tie?!"
"I put it under my table sir..." the cowering boy replied.

I hissed. Literally hissing. It always help me to think what to do next, and plus, made students think twice to cross me next time. Sssssssss..... the air whistle through teeth.

"Who is the class monitor?" the draconian teacher asked.

And the rest of the students in class pointed to the guilty boy in front of me.

"YOU?!! The class monitor?!! And you dare not wearing the school's neck tie in class?!! What have I told you people about the school rule regarding neck ties?" the last question was pointed to all the boys in hearing range.

"We must wear them always and can take it off after school," many answered.

And with a sudden turn (after calculating distance and force during the hissing , to exact minimal pain and maximum humiliation) I slapped the offending boy on his left cheek. It REALLY looked brutal, though.

"I will not have this trouble again. Remember this - Your school tie is the shield against me." (this is my inner reptilian fantasy speaking)

"Yes, Sir!" the chorus.

p.s. - I am fed up with students taking off their ties during class. But they will surely run away / wear back their ties quickly when they see me. Those who are caught will face public humiliation, which is much a better tool than pain.


TechnoBabe said...

That is interesting that where you live it is permissible to slap a student. Not at all here in the US.

Rock Chef said...

Oh, you tyrant!

Wish that was allowed over here, though!

maximus alexius said...

i was slapped by my warden when i was in form 4.
because i really dont aware about my dorm-mates who is climbing the ceiling for smoking..


but my teachers doesnt care about wearing tie during class..

Aizan Suhaira said...

Has any student attempted to throw a molotov cocktail at your car?

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; It is not allowed. But most of the time we get away with it.

Shadowthorne said...

Rock Chef; And let the world be taken over my dragons?!!

Shadowthorne said...

maximus; Your wardens should be slapped by me then.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Well, they are not bright enough to make one yet :)

et said...

Well, slapping here, goes on like anything. But in schools around here, smaller children are slapped and caned all the time when bigger children always get away with minimal scolding( we get revolutionary and dangerous as we grow up!) ;)

Shadowthorne said...

et; Revolutionary and dangerous... If I was the Minister of Education, I'd change all that.

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