The phrase above was always used by me and a dear pen pal of mine in our letters (yes, LETTERS, ink and paper) back in the good old day of postal-delivery communication. My friend, the esteemed Kirk Wines of Escondido, CA had fallen from the grid and I missed him so much because he was the first REAL and best pen friend and ICQ buddy I ever had. We wrote gargantuan amounts of letter to each other...
The phrase came into mind when I was away from you guys (yes you, the one reading this entry) for two weeks.
I have my reasons, not that I purposely wanted to be away from the net too long. The first reason was, my sister's wireless internet modem was struck by lightning two weeks ago, and I couldn't steal her service anymore because she decided not to fix her modem. And as I had long neglected my own broadband service, they BLACKLISTED my pretty name and refused to connect the service even after me paying my due. Oh well, and to make things worse, the free wireless internet at school was also faulty, some problems with the cables and stuff.
So I had to fork more money to buy a NEW broadband modem from ANOTHER service provider to be online.
Yay for capitalist business competition!
Let's do some pic-blogging!!
My two broadband modems... I am using the new one, below. As for the dastardly service provider Celcom, I'd cancel my business with you this week. You evil telco you!
Some of my rings... My rose gold ring, which was given by my mother sometime in 1994 lost its jade piece this week. Damn! It's hard to find a replacement that fits. (I also have the One Ring replica).
My mom had the entire 'bush' of her flower plants uprooted for a new front gate. Deforestation at its minor best.
33 pounds of premium cat food for my cats and ferret. They will not starve these few months, oh no they don't.
My very fat, beautiful and adoring female cat, Kiki. Her new roommate, Kiko is almost impossible to hold without a fuss. I love this cat. (Ferrets pic not taken because they had too much attention already)
 My with a friend. We were celebrating his 22nd birthday at a Korean buffet restaurant. Some teachers said now I look like some expensive gigolo with my new shorter hair. I take that as a compliment :)
My birthday present for my friend, Firdaus - Iron Man Mark VI. He said he loved the movie. I'd like to have this as my own but the darkness in me reminded that I should have no truck with good guys.
His birthday cake.... Small, functional and delicious.
A scene at the Sunday market this morning. I cannot find any of my fav dishes because I was a tad late. Hurm...

p.s - some of the pictures were taken using my mobile phone. So they are not of the best quality. Hope you enjoy them. Do ask if you wanna see more pics that interest you.


TechnoBabe said...

Hi, glad you are back, thought you were just busy. Good for you to just take the plunge and get yourself set up to have internet all the time. You have quite a collection of rings. I used to, gave some to my kids and sold some. Don't have any except a little wedding band. I made a vow to simplify my life and I did. Gave most of my pictures to my kids. I would like to see the before and after shots of the front gate. Does it mean she is getting a wider gate?
Also, I would like to see more pics of your cats sometime. Glad you are doing well. Your short hair looks good on you. That was nice of you to take your friend to dinner and have a cake for him on his birthday.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I don't think you'd look like a gigolo has you not worn that weird batik looking shirt. It ages you. Wear something more err... current next time you're out and about.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

TechnoBabe; I will take some pics of my cats soon :)

I love rings. Especially with shiny gemstones... Magpie me.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Aizan; I WAS JUST back from work lah! Thus the batik shirt.had the hair for a week now.

Vyazz said...

I kinda thought it unusual of you tp be missing so long from blogging....unlike me who has constant mood swings and writers block at increasing frequency!!!
And ur pics inspired me to do two things!!!
1st: have an awesome collection of rings (right now I'm wearing a gold ring with a yellow topaz)
2nd: get an awesome collection of action figures!!
But like all good things.....these have to wait till I start earning the big bucks!!! ;)
Newayz....gr8 to see u back!!! :D

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Vyazz; Nope, I was only without the connection.
Hope you get to collect some cool rings and action figures too :)

Casey Freeland said...

You should do pic blogs more often. Great fun to see little bits of your world. With the Iron Man figure, it has the price tag on it. How does that compare to American dollars?



Grayquill said...

Howdy - Nice pictures. Sorry about your ring. The deforestation is an atrocity. Maybe you could plant a tree:)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Casey Freeland; I used to have a fantastic pic-blog several years ago. And I rarely typed long there :) But writing about stuff is good too.

One US dollar is equivalent to about RM 3.50 (Malaysian ringgit)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Grayquill; Believe it or not, my house is the most heavily surrounded by plants here :) It was almost a tropical jungle, until I decided to kill most of the plants, including my mom's topiaries with weedkiller :)

maximus alexius said...

i wish i can have more rings than yours because i do have one silver ring was gave by my lover and wish i can have a new ring so we can wear it pairs..

so nice of having a birthday bash for your friend..is he your very bestfriend?

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

maximus; Awwww... isn't that sweet? He is my very best friend (for now la, ha ha ha)

brocasarea said...

u dont have landline bb conn there??....

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

brocasarea; We do. But landlines are mostly for house phones :)

We go mobile! :)

Choco said...

So glad that you are back...And OH My God! That cat is cuuuuute :D
I hereby request more pics of Kiki and Kiko...Puhleease! :)

Too bad about your broadband though. But hey! All that trouble did make you get an uptodate connection that works! Alls well that ends well..What say? :)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Choco; Another request for cat pictures..... I will try my best to snap the pics. My cats are so active, its hard to get a decent photo :)

dayana said...

i love cat too..and i miss her now couse im not in home now:(
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