Ghost In The Shell

Hello people..... sorry for the VERY long absence. I have a heavy paperload to finish, as the school will be opened in a couple of weeks time. I use the computer everyday, yet I have no idea what to write and my broadband service was playing merry hell with the connection.

Anyway, I want to tell you guys that I just bought a new phone, a Nokia-C3, yes, the Blackberry for poor people :P I didn't want to waste my money on a new phone.... really. But my LG KP-500 Cookie (LG keeps naming their handphones as foodstuff; Cookie, Ice-Cream, Chocolate....) failed on me last week. The touchscreen wouldn't work properly, it was so frustrating. I kept turning it on and off, taking out the battery and memory card, and even threw it to the wall a couple of times in anger.

But the eerie thing happened when I began to use my new handphone, the Nokia. Cookie was suddenly good for use, behaved as any obedient electronic gadget. It galled me greatly, as now I have two mobile phones AND I wasted money to buy the extra one I thought I needed.

That Cookie must've done this when I was thinking of getting myself an IPhone.... Dastardly done.

And my Pilips home theatre system was acting funny too. If I ever play a REALLY high-definition DVD, it would act up and stuttered right at 1:09:00 (one hour and nine minutes) of the movie. This would never happen to a regular DVD.....

That Pilips must've done this on purpose after hearing me boasting to some friends about my high-definition DVD  collection. Evil cd-player you!

.... I do believe that some inanimate things have a bit of a soul (thus 'Ghost In The Shell') If you said / think bad things to a machine, it might retaliate in some ways that severely damage your wallet. I was hating my car last year and it almost blew-up.

Oh.... and I lost THREE watches last month when I neglected to wear them. The watchman @ clocksmith said that he was unable to save them.... See what I mean.

So be good to the stuff you have. They want your care and attention too.

And below is a picture of a herd of goats I hate the most.....
These animals belong to my younger brother (the guy in red) and in this scene, these smelly creatures had escaped from their pen, and poured out into the street. My brother and mom keep these goats behind our late grandmother's house, some 10 km away from our home. So they have to shuttle twice a day back and forth to feed them.

As this is not my project, I have no interest to care for them. These goats are huge and smelly. For me, a good goat is already dead and stays on the plate :)


TechnoBabe said...

Good to read about what has been going on with you lately. Yes, I did wonder where the heck you were, but hey, I know you are okay. So, you got a new phone. What do you use your phone for, do you go online using the phone? We used to have phones that did all that but with our little hippie lives now we don't need any of that techie stuff. So now you have a backup phone. Maybe the universe is telling you you don't need so many watches, time will march on regardless. Ha. I like your brother's goats. We had a goat when I was really young. I have always liked goat cheese. Take care, and I hope this coming year brings much joy to you.

Casey Freeland said...

Wait, you lost 3 watches? How is that even possible? Did the goats eat them?



Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

TechnoBabe; I am now using the Nokia (it's brand new, so shouldn't be wasted) and as the Cookie is superior in camera specs, I use it for taking picture and videos. Cookie is also way better in Bluetooh connection.... so I use it with my Motorola headphones.
My new Nokia C3 looks great, but as you see, it is of lesser quality :P

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Casey Freeland; I lost one automatic and two regular analog watches. The clocksmith said that something inside them were broke and it would be expensive to replace.

I hate those goats. They are smelly and huge. They are afraid of me because I'd kick them if they are nearby.

RadioNowhere said...


Good to see you post again. And yes, I believe as you do that some of our gizmos and gadgets will pay us back for whatever slights we bestow upon them...

Eveline said...

Have you ever kissed/hugged an inanimate object? — everybody does, dont they? :D
Congrats on the new phone although it sucks that you didnt need it in the first place. Just make sure you promise to treat your technological devices well in retirement and they'll stay faithful. :)

Merry New Year. More of the same happy stuff!

(I've been saying "Merry NEW Year!" like Eddie Murphy in 'Trading Places', and I find it hilarious)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

RadioNowhere; :) Hello, haven't seen you for a while. I never thought you still read this insignificant blog of mine :P

happy New Year! I like goat too; dead and cooked.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Eveline; I am loving them ;)

Actually the term Merry New Year is still correct. I had also wished many friends Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas.

Have a wonderful New Year!

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