School Is Back / Beware of Friends

School will open next Monday and I am somewhat happy because I got what I wanted; The Prefect teacher, a new class full of more intelligent students (they used to give me the lesser classes because I am a man, ergo, I can control the rowdier sort of children. Sexist!) and a promising batch of older students for Physics (last year's was a total disappointment).

And last year performance as a fear-causing entity in every essembly made the job 'Assembly Coordinator' officially mine this new year. Meaning, I can yell and reprimand students / teachers legally now (insert evil laugh here). Yes, I am the Sue Sylvester of my school.

Anyway, I am telling you guys to be careful with your friends, no matter how chummy you guys are. My younger brother had a new handphone last week, after he saw mine, and was showing it off to the entire house. The phone was really nice, way more expensive than mine and the latest in communication technology. And it was stolen from him three days after he purchased it.

One friend stole the gadget while he was meeting a bunch of his buddies at a petrol station nearby. He realized the theft later, but cannot do anything much because OF COURSE nobody admitted stealing the phone. He was in a very black mood these few days before departing to the university.

Too bad then. That was a VERY NICE handphone. :P

Anyway, here's wishing you guys a Happy New Year!

p.s. - I am sorry if my presence isn't felt in your blogs lately, but it is not entirely my fault. The broadband service I am using is rather performing poorly these few weeks. I want to change to a new service this January. Remember me, will you? :angel


TechnoBabe said...

Well, that is rotten that your brother's phone was stolen. Poor guy. Hey, don't you have two phones now, you could give him one. Yeah.

SSQuo said...

Argh, it is always a pain when you lose a phone. btw, congrats on the new position at school, and yes pls get your connection revised so that we see you more often. :)

btw, have you an idea about Inkpot? Ive tried to contact her through various means, but no luck. I suggest we start a plan to 'find her'. I miss her.

Happy New Year!

brocasarea said...

welcome to 2011 bro:)

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