The Teacher Has Kitties in His House, Yay!

By popular demand, I am including some pictures of my cats, currently residing together in the store cum catroom. I had several species of pets before this, yet cats seems to last way longer than the rest.
 Above is Artemis Kikuraides II or 'Kiki'. Yes, there WAS an Artemis Kikuraides before her, but he was male (Artemis is an ambiguous name). The first Artemis (a big, ginger tomcat) was killed by stray dogs several years ago....and I did exact my revenge by sling-shooting them with ball bearings.
I found Kiki a few months later, in a small petstore in the city. She was fluffy and very very affectionate (and still is!). You can see Kiki as a kitten in this video.  and also this video. Kiki is now almost 7 years old.
Kiki is a domestic long haired cat. Tricoloured, or calico. Her colouring is considered very lucky in the Orient, thus giving fuel to the rise of maneki nekos, the popular waving cats of Japan / China.  
Kiki is mild mannered, and always seek attention. She will come to me everytime I call her name.  
 This black cat is not really mine, even though I pay for her kibbles and litter. She belongs to my housemate, who suddenly thinks he need a pet cat.
This cat has no fancy name, and is called Tamtam (or for you English speaking people 'Tum-tum'). Her name simply describes her colour. Like we call a cat 'Blackie'. Tamtam is less than a year old, and is very very very very active. She also screams and yowl at unholy hours, making me scream back in reply to shut her up.  
Some people considered black cats to be unlucky.... but heck, I don't care. Although Tamtam is extra loud and hyper, I love her as well.
(This is the catroom, my housemate cleans it every week).
And this picture explains their behavior. See older Kiki lounging on the carpet watching her much much younger sister, Tamtam playing by herself.

The two pics above is of younger Kiki.She had a collar with bells then. Tamtam is almost impossible to take a decent picture of because she is constantly moving!

p.s. - I also had two females I gave away as presents to friends. I don't know why, but I always liked and got female cats....


Tenchi Loh said...

Where are those fish (betta) and spider? or lizard?

Ramzu Zahini said...

I told you those species are now extinct in my domain. Only cats prevail. Must be a Force thingy.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Kiki and Tamtam are SO adorable! What a joy it must be to have them around. I love maneki neko cats -- I have a small collection of them, some of which I bought in Japan when I was there. And it's always better to have female cats -- yes, you must spay them or else you wind up with kittens, but at least they don't spray and stink like male cats do!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Kiki had the spraying problem sometimes ago. She urinated ON my blanket and pillows. I think she was trying to mark me as hers exclusively. After i locked my bedroom door, she has no chance to do her thing again :)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

They are all adorable! I'm especially fond of black cats. We have one and I must say she's the best cat I've ever had. And at some point I'd love to have a calico. My older daughter has one and that cat is unbelievable! Friendly, social and so loyal. She is extremely attached to my daughter. Thanks for sharing some photos of these furballs :)

Ramzu Zahini said...

If you think you can have another, adopt a calico :) unfortunately my hometown does not have adoption centres. Usually people here buy their cats or take in strays.
My mom has four cats sitting around her house because she keeps feeding them. She wont let them in though.

Tomoko said...

Glad to know you are a good photographer of your cats! They are all adorable and expressive.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Thank you dear Tomoko :)
I am only using my mobile phone camera to take these pictures, so the quality is not very good. It's a hobby, photo blogging :)

Abby said...

Beautiful cats! I love black cats. We had one for a short time, she was a stray and kind of wild and ran away after about a year with us. Our current cat is very sociable, but very alpha and wants to fight other cats, so we remain a one cat family.

Ramzu Zahini said...

i love black cats too because i honestly have a black soul, but cats of any colours that can love me are acceptable too :)

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