I Don't Feel Like Chicken Tonight.

 I went out with a friend today to accompany him on an errand. He wanted to have dinner at the near KFC, and was very adamant about it, even when I showed some resistance to the idea. It's not that I have anything against the food chain, I just don't feel like chicken tonight.
But I relented when he promised that he will find something less chicken-sy on the menu and he pays for the meal too.
(I took this pictures 20 minutes since he started to queue. I just hate lining up. No matter how good the food, I will not waste time like this, UNLESS somebody else does it for me)

We also went to some mobile phone stores to gawk at the products. Samsung and the Apple stores were the most busy, unsurprisingly (because their oh so in-your-face advertisement on most media). That makes people with fully capable mobile phones wanna buy a new Samsung or iPhone. 

Advertisement is an investment that pays. 

And onwards to some amateur photography...
 This is a row of shophouses in the middle of my hometown. The row was built in 1938, way before Independence. The second floor houses the occupants and the shop is downstairs obviously.
The District painted anew the row once every few years for aesthetics. 
The other half of the row.
The main row was empty because it was still very early in the morning.
What was I doing there? Looking for breakfast of course.
I rarely cook my breakfast.


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I also won't line up for a restaurant no matter how good the food. There are so many other options available, so why waste time like that?

Those are really nice shops. I like that they date back to 1938. We have a lot of old buildings in the downtown area, most of them 2 - 3 stories, and they really give the area a very charming feel. I'd hate to see them disappear and be replaced by modern architecture.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

So what does KFC have on the menu that's less chicken-y? I can't think of anything, but then again I don't eat there often.

Ramzu Zahini said...

I am a sentimental person of sort, and appreciate old buildings. They got character and class of a bygone era.
My bungalow is still in its original shape while the others around me were already renovated bigger and taller.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hahaha, that's a good one.
In the end he bought some prawn meal for me and chocolate, ice cream dessert.
I am not a fast food fan.

Tomoko said...

Very interesting to see those old buildings in your country. They look nice shops.

Thank you for your comment.
To reply for your comment. You are right. Many tourists pollute their destinations.
Most of cases occur from our different lifestyles and cultures. So there are many signs in different languages here and there especially in famous places.
No, Japanese government has no control on tourists'activity. Anyone can go any places they want. Every place, they have their own security guards.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Tomoko;
Thank you for your reply. I saw the Japanese tourist attractions are always clean and proper. That's why I have to ask if the Government control the flocks of people to such places to ensure tidiness.

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