The Haze is Finally Gone. Yay! And Brutality Gets You Famous.

 This was the view from my school during the haze. The air was dirty and understandably unhealthy.
People stayed indoors and many events got cancelled for health reasons. 
Respiratory illnesses spiked in the entire region, and there were deaths cases, especially in the country of origin, Indonesia.
Imagine not being able to see 50 metres in front of you! 
 Now this is what I mean when we can see for miles in a clear day. The haze is no more! Thanks to the shifting winds, which blew the haze back to its originator. I just love blue skies!
The monsoon is here, here expecting a lot of wind and rain.
And floods too, yay!
(Both of the pictures were taken at the same time in the morning, before I attend my class)
 This was taken last Friday during a ceremony. The school is on top of a hill, yet we still have two hills which are higher next to the school. I sit at the front, but usually I walk around the students, and buildings, just because I can :)
And this was taken this morning, in a ceremony celebrating the many achievements of the hostel students and wardens. It took a lot of energy to control the boys, especially the older ones who think they know everything. But never mind that, most of them who were against me will be gone next year. And we shall build our empire anew!
I am the most brutal warden of the seven, heck, the scariest teacher in school. Yet, I am abnormally popular amongst students. Fascinating character attracts attention.


Tomoko said...

Glad to know you have such a beautiful blue sky again! Your students look cheerful.
They are lovely boys.
Have a good new week ahead!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Brutal or not, your students look pretty happy!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Thanks :)
Calling them lovely might be a stretch for me, hahaha.

Ramzu Zahini said...

I am an enigma. Youngsters love a mystery.

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