To the Seaside With Friends

Living in a small diverse state has many advantages for me. I can go anywhere from the mall to the mountains in a short period of travelling time. Heck, we can go shopping at Parksons and then be at the foot of the highest peak in less than two hours! But this post is not about malls or mountains... 
 I love the beach. But I stopped swimming in the sea for a very very long time, mainly because I hate the heat and the sand. (So why the heck you are there in the first place?!)
I go there to unwind with friend(s). We just sit under the trees, take in the scenery and enjoying the sea breeze. Oh, and do some people watching too.
Above is a friend who insist me take his picture with the small banner-thingy soccer fans bring to the matches (I am SO not into football). 'Pahang' is his home state, some 200 km away from here.  

What else we do by the beach? Mostly we talk, while NURSING to our own smartphones. (I hate this, sometimes I asked them to put down their phones and look at ME).
What we talk about? Anything. from local crime to why-is-he-wearing-such-an-ugly-pair-of-shorts-to-the-beach?
In this photo, it was about 6.45 pm, and the sun set at 7.05 pm (info from my smart phone). There were still people swimming and doing activities by the beach. The place was not sparkling clean, but ok. If I come to the beach in the afternoon, I can witness some municipal workers cleaning up the beach, and they do this daily, methinks. 

The sun is setting...  and behind clouds. There were still people. And my friends were cranky because they were hungry. We only stay at the beach for an hour, and rarely more than that. Usually after, we may seek food at the nearest restaurants. Some of the best dishes I know are from these eating places by the sea. But this is NOT a food blog :)

I had something minor done to my kitchen and will blog about it soon. I was unable to cook for a few days because of this, it made me miss my own cooking, ha!


Tee said...

I would love to be near a beach, but unfortunately, I'd have to travel and take a vacation to get near one. There is definitely something majestic about the ocean.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Our beach does not have high rolling waves because its in the Straits of Malacca.
So the sea is usually calm and rather boring, hahaha.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm not a surf 'n sand person either but hanging out with friends is always fun, no matter where it is held! Alberta, the province I live in, is land-locked so to go to the nearest ocean (the Pacific) I would have to travel west to the next province, British Columbia.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Oh. Come to think of it, all 14 states of Malaysia have beaches because we are in a peninsular (and the island of Borneo). This helps to cool down the country as we are right above the Equator.
Yes, friends are fun. And i have only a few :(

Abby said...

Well, this was a nice little escape as we are in the throes of winter and nowhere near a beach! Fun people watching, I bet.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hi :) watching people is indeed fun. And to make things worse, i am a judgemental type of guy / teacher. So most of the time i try not to open my mouth unless somebody ask for my opinion.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I love the beach and I'll take the sand with it. We don't live near an ocean but we are surrounded by lakes, rivers, ponds and so on. We hang out near the water quite a bit 'cause that's where I'm happiest. And sanest, too :)

Ramzu Zahini said...

I am happiest when it rains. Love the cold and the chilly wind. I actually prefer to go to the river or waterfall, but the really great ones are in the next state, and i am too lazy to drive that far.
I am sane most of the time and only go crazy if i know i can get away with it :)

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