Camera o Phone-camera!

This post is filled with pictures taken from my new phone. It takes amazing pictures, and if you see any inferiority, well, that's my fault. Unlike some of you good people who actually travel to find beautiful scenery to snap, I just take the pictures of things around me. I had a decent small Sony DSLR (8 megapix) and used it extensively during my travelling days. Took many amazing photos of rivers and the jungles.... and alas, I lost ALL of the pictures when I neglected to back them up.
Moral of the story; back up your files for peace of mind. 

Now this is a student of mine I let him use my phone for a selfie. (Last night there was a discussion on talk tv about the dangers of selfies. They concluded that people who frequently selfie has a mental problem! Really?!) As I don't have a face that can stop traffic, I refrain myself to take and post selfies on social media. (Damn those beautiful people...) 
Anyway the boy's skin is spotty a bit because he has gluten intolerance. 

And this is of the same boy with the BEAUTIFY function on. (Most new smartphones have this function). Notice the difference? The phone has a beautify scale from 1 to 10 and this picture is taken only on 5. I tried 10 once and my face looked pasted with make up foundation an inch thick. It was flawless and also horrifically artificial to look. Oh the terrors of modern technology is a sight to behold (or not). 

This is Qasrina Sofea once again. She accompanied me and my brothers to get shots from the clinic. We are going to travel overseas this middle of December, hence the shots to avoid catching diseases. I will tell you where soon.

And this is the contents of my black leather bag. From the top (clockwise) is my leather wallet, a smaller version as the previous one was too big for a sane man to carry. Then my white power-bank (which I confiscated from a student in school, no gadgets policy). My red Sony headphones (because why you want to use earphones when you can go bigger for a statement?) My compact mirror, I bought from a travelling Chinese salesman. A small bottle of scented oil for my skin (I get it why the Evil Witch melted by Dorothy... If my skin got too clean, it goes dry and flaky). My car and house keys, with the Doraemon keychain. Some candy (I am diabetic, the sweets are sugar free) because I like them. And my yellow aluminum bank-cards holder. 

This was taken last week when a friend invited us for a barbeque meal. He has finally cleaned up his yard and house and is happy to invite guests now. In the picture you can see my housemate (in purple) sitting under a grove of bamboos. My friend had just started to light the charcoal by the small pond. I like that pond. I had my feet in it the entirety of the cooking process.  

The pieces of chicken over the charcoal.... My housemate had to pitch in as I am almost useless in this kind of job. They didn't use longer thongs so there were lots of ouchs and owws. They barbecued two chickens that evening and they tasted great, burned bits and all. 

This is the front of my house (yes, I have a request for this pic). Nope, it's not pretty. The gates are rusty and the grass is not brown because of lack of water...  They were dully poisoned by my housemate who had enough of using the grass whacker every month. He even accidentally killed some of the flowering and fruit plants with the poison. As he was the one who planted them, I have no reason to be angry (I'd go ballistic if they are mine).
This is the left side of my house. The yard is quite big and the rest of the homes here had already used theirs for expansions and renovations. I don't have a reason to use mine other than growing weed :) The Japanese rose bush on the left has sweet smelling flowers, almost vanilla like. Again, notice the brown patches... Weed and grass have finally won and they have started to conquer my lawn once again (and I believe my housemate shall poison them once again soon). 

I think I should update something more serious.... But people rarely like me when I am serious.
I always get my way and I will always win...
Heck, so we shall continue on fluff pieces...


Tomoko said...

I see how you enjoy taking photos with your new phone. Taking photos is very interesting isn't it? You captured Qasrina's smile well.
The building roofs in your country is mostly red? I remember your school has also red one. Have a good new week.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello Tomoko ;)
The material for roofing is usually clay or some kind of cement-concrete mix. Thus the colour is mostly red. Some people painted their roof other colours though.
Thanks for the wish.

Abby said...

I was just thinking of back-in-the-day when the internet was dialup and so slow, hardly anyone loaded photos. Plus, digital cameras were still quite rare. Now, everyone has one on their phones - and you have a "beautify" setting?!
I find it funny that your housemate is intentionally killing the grass. Over here, people sometimes get goats for that.
I enjoy your photos. Your environment is so different from mine, it's fun to see where and how others live as well as read about it. Now, I'm looking forward to your trip!

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow that beautify setting definitely changes the way your student looks and I can only imagine what the 10 setting would look like. Oh, actually I should just look at a Kim Kardashian selfie to see.

It's nice to see a photo of where you live.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

These phones have come such a long way. The images are great quality. My image editor has something like that "beautify" setting but I had no idea phones now have it! Everyone is going to look perfect now. Or perfectly fake? haha Anyhow, I like that you share every day shots. It's nice to see the area you live in.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Abby;
I'd like to have a pet goat but housing estates here forbid livestocks in the environs.
I was in uni when the internet started here, and yes, it was slooooooooow. Met many friends in ICQ though ;)

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Mr LL Cool Joe;
....don't tell me you haven't heard of this function. It is a common thing in many smartphones originally from Asia. I dont know about iPhones though.
Kim Kardashian magazine covers are heavily edited.
That woman and her family are shallow.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Martha;
I am quite vain but as the years go by, I finally acknowledge that I have lost my looks (and body too). So to use beautify in my selfie is a lie, so I turned off that function when I take my own pic.
Glad you like my pics ;)

ShadowRun300 said...

I just got a new phone and can't believe how great the camera is. Amazing the technology these days!
I didn't know about the beauty function either. Still, doesn't make me comfortable taking selfies.
Love the pics of your area. As Abby mentioned, such a different environment from ours. I found myself looking at every part of the picture, not just the main subject being captured, because it's so interesting.
p.s. I keep being reminded that my cloud is full so my pics aren't saving. You've scared me into getting a bigger cloud, or at the very least, backing them up.

Ramzu Zahini said...

;) thank you for spending time looking at every bit of my photos. There are many more beautiful sites (which are not really around home) and I will try to capture later.
Hope you saved your data for peace of mind.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Interesting photos! I've never heard of the "beautify" function on a camera. That looks like a great backyard BBQ -- yum! And an overseas trip -- ooooo, waiting to hear where you're off to!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Debra;
We do bbq as an excuse to meet friends and maybe show off our cooking skills.
I am quite perplexed that you all never heard of the beautify function in selfies. Its a rather old tech, used first in the early 2000s.
I will blog about my overseas adventures soon.

Tee said...

It's interesting to see how different your yards and homes look compared to where I live. Around here, the lusher and greener your grass, the better! Although, there is a home nearby me where there is no grass - just landscaping rocks covering the entire yard.

broca's area said...

i recently bought nikon d5300....its pretty cool

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Tee;
Grass do look pretty when it us green and SHORT. But they grow phenomenally fast here and it is a chore to cut them every month.
Your neighbour sounds like a forward thinker :)

Ramzu Zahini said...

Good for you. Now go snap some nice pics and post it online.
I do find India to be beautiful.

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