It's almost 11 PM, and I Should Blog Something

Tomorrow is a school day and I should sleep early. But I had spent this afternoon napping for hours and I don't feel sleepy quite yet. You see, before the nap I went out and bought myself a new smartphone to replace my still usable (innocent) one. I need a bigger internal memory for a phone and my old HTC 816 measly 8 gig is too small for convenience. The new Huawei Honor 8 has 64 gig memory and I added 36 gig more externally. And the double camera is amazing.
So I tested the new phone camera tonight... 
This is my betta fish I keep in a mason jar on the table. I called him Justin, and yes, he is male. Justin cost me thrice the usual price because he got metallic scales, which is quite prized by betta lovers. Once I had a betta fish twice the price of Justin and gosh! He was BEAUTIFUL. (Betta males have more colourful scales and bigger 'sails' than females. They can live up to 5 years).

I was cleaning my leather bags and wallet earlier this evening and the stuff are still lying on the floor. I just adore good quality leather goods. But I will not waste money to buy exclusive brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach mainly because.... there are a tremendous amount of pirated items out there, there is no need to feel that special swagging your Prada when a 'Prado' cost 90% less.
Oh, and I put my bank cards inside the yellow aluminium case. Sometimes I only carry this to shop and leave my wallet in the car.

These are actually women's brooches. I bought them from my sister's boutique shop and they were imported from Korea. I used to have tarantulas and scorpions as pets (but never snakes) and I pinned them to my messenger bag and sling bag, both black leather.
As for the time being, NOBODY commented that I shouldn't wear women jewelry. Some female colleague s asked if my sister sells 'cuter' brooches, and I said yes.
Crystals.... I have many crystal bracelets. But I don't think guys my age can wear crystal bangles anymore :(

I snapped this outside my home after locking the gates. Looks ominous doesn't it?   

Same place, but with my flash on. Now you can see a bit of my front yard. On the further right in the gloom you may see my pomegranate tree. I love this tree, not only because it produced huge fruits, both my pet ferrets and Kiki, my cat were entombed underneath it.
And no, I don't eat the fruits. Here, people plant pomegranate trees for aesthetics and luck.
A heavily laden tree is considered very auspicious.

Well, that's all folks. Time to hit the sack (1131 pm now).


LL Cool Joe said...

If you want to wear crystal bracelets you should. Who writes the rules about what we should wear anyway? The brooches look really cool.

Is a mason jar big enough for that beautiful fish?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Awesome jewelry!

Tenchi Loh said...

Honor 8 is a nice camera...

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Mr LL Cool Joe;
I feel old already and crystals are for the young n pretty.
I might sport my crystal bangles but never to work I think.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Debra;
Thanks ;)

Ramzu Zahini said...

Yes, it is awesome!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

The new phones have amazing cameras. No need to even have a separate camera any more. Are those palm trees outside? Holy cow...

I love betta fish. There was a time when we had about 4 of 5 (males) scattered around the house. All in separate containers because they'd kill each other otherwise. Very cool fish.

Awesome jewelry! A long time ago I used to work with a guy that had what he called 'unusual' pets; one of them was a tarantula. But I don't think he ever had a scorpion. Or maybe he did and I didn't know.

Tomoko said...

I opened this post,immediately I thought you got a new camera! Obviously,the new technology has a power!Great!
Totally 100 gig!!? How do you need that big gig! My smartphone is 4g ,but enough for me.Have a good day!

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Martha;
Coconut and palm trees are abundant here in the tropics. And I am enjoying my new phone / camera very much.
Tarantulas aren't native here and they cost a lot. I had two females before.
You should get a betta to swim in a fancy glass something at home.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Tomoko;
My old HTC phone had 8 gig of space. But it was not enough for updates and downloading stuff.
I download many games and apps from the net.
Am enjoying the new phone immensely ;)

Abby said...

It's fun to get a new phone, isn't it? Nice pic of Justin! Looks like he's posing for us. I've had beta fish, we would sometimes hold them up to a mirror to get them all angry - they're pretty when they're angry.
Those brooches are really nice. It's actually tarantula mating season here right now, so it's fairly easy to come across them in the hills. Never wanted one for a pet!
Your yard looks nice at night. Show us a daytime shot?

Ramzu Zahini said...

Dear Abby;
I try not to make them upset so much but they are indeed beautiful when provoked.
Tarantulas mating season, wow. I'd make some money catching them and selling the spiders to tarantulas deprived countries.
I will take some shots around my house when I return from school

ShadowRun300 said...

I just got a new phone too. Way more gigs than my old phone, and a much better camera. It's crazy how good phone cameras can be these days.
I sometimes wonder if I'm too old to wear some things, but then I shrug my shoulders and put it on. I'm too old to worry about such things. ;)

Ramzu Zahini said...

:) the thing is, I cannot wear it to work, which most of my time is spent. I also have steel and silver accessories that are too hip now for dear old me. I try to dress my age. And being a teacher makes the theme more sombre.

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