Final Part - How I Was Kicked Out of Campus and Almost Made National News

So it has come to the final part of this tragic true story. And as my favourite author, Terry Pratchett would say "Read On."

So, this ex-friend of mine was a lost and confused soul. People shunned him, and he lost his status among peer. He was angry and he knew who engineered his fall from grace...

One evening (9.35 pm to be exact) as I was walking on the third floor of my dormitory, I spied Fezal, who was approaching from the other side. Deftly I stepped into the tv room to avoid meeting my nemesis, but I was not quickly enough. And the silence was abruptly broken.

"I saw you, you BASTARD!!! I'll KILL you!!" and many many more expletives I wont share here. 

 He charged into the tv room and I was forced to confront a literally foaming-at-the-mouth person. 

"Oh you do not wish to fight me. You'll get into deep trouble, ex-friend of mine."

"F*ck off!!! I had enough of you ruining my life and now I will bash in your face with my own hands!!!" (Yep, I had a pretty face then. Still do, ha ha ha).

I reminded him thrice about the no fighting rule, and then he attacked! His fist flew and as I sidestepped, it broke the glass window behind me. Oh well, I was no coward, to hell with the no fighting rule - and we had a really good fist fight. With proper destruction of nearby amenities (tables, chairs, more glass windows). Fezal was fighting for a lost cause and my mountainous anger for his deception propelled my fists.

Believe it or not I timed the duration of our fight (I looked at my watch before his initial attack). It was a non-stop EIGHT MINUTES of brawling. EIGHT MINUTES is a VERY LONG time if you are caught in a fight. And to make matter worse, the gawpers / bystanders / witnesses just let us slug it out without interfering! Yes, they just WATCH the whole thing without lifting a finger to stop us.

Maybe they were stunned by the first real fight they had ever seen in uni. Or they pondered how to separate two titans from tearing up each other. Oh I don't know.      

At last we were FINALLY separated by a security guard, who bodily shoved us apart. My crazed competitor was still screaming for blood, as I casually walked away to the nearby washroom to look at the toll in the mirror. 

There was BLOOD all over me!!! I panicked a bit because I never expected to lose (heh heh) but after careful inspection, it proved that the blood wasn't mine. Our stupid, enraged bull headed of an ex-friend had hurt his fist from the broken window and smeared his filthy blood upon me. And no, I had no puffy face or bruises at all. Built like a tank, I was. Really.

The same security guard came moments later, asking me to accompany him to the campus meeting room - where the Principal (yes, the head of our campus is a Principal. The Dean rules the Faculty) and many other administrators were hastily called upon from the comfort of their homes. Yes, I was so worried. Who wouldn't? I was so into the proverbial Thai-spicy HOT SOUP.

After waiting like some 15 minutes outside (cold sweating), the security guard allowed me to enter the meeting room. The Principal was there, his secretaries and many older guys and women I never knew their prominence in the university. The Principal (a rather kindly old man, a heart surgeon in fact) asked me to sit and tell them what exactly happened.

I told them what happened from the first time I met Fezal that night (9.30 pm). I never told them what made our demented friend so angry though. I also stressed that I TRIED to avoid fighting by reminding him THRICE of the rule. I was calm. I was proper. I was wonderful.

"Ha. You are so much different from the earlier boy we dragged in. He was yelling and screaming his head off, wanting to sue you and everyone in this room. And such language he used," the Principal said. The other members of the Board were stone faced.

The Principal then asked me to go outside and wait for their decision in this matter. It took them less than five minutes, maybe getting rid off troublesome graduates were so easy for them. Of that crazy guy Fezal, there was no sign of him. Maybe they took him to the nearest mental ward. I didn't care.

"This is the first recorded fight in many many years. So, it is with much sadness that we decided to expel both of you from this university." I had expected this decision. And I had something to say that would make them think SEVERAL times and regretting it.

"Oh REALLY? (smiling) Then, tomorrow I'll go to some news agency and tell them what happened tonight. I will also tell them what REALLY happened to my friend, who was guided astray by one of you. And you all know WHO and WHAT I mean. Do not think that I will just roll up and die. I will drag this university down." I didn't scream. I just say it clearly. Determined and very angry.

The WHOLE Board turned their collective eyes to one person who sat on the furthest right. They knew WHO and WHAT I mentioned about (read previous entry for info). The fellow warden (a sissy doctor I will not say the name here) was now like a cat upon a tin roof. He was watching me with pure hate earlier, from the moment I stepped in. EVERYBODY knew what they did. I was THAT good.     

My reply caused a stir. 

"You really wanted to do that?" the undersecretary asked, his face a worried tableau (I hated him, pompous little man).

"Yes. I have nothing to lose anyway. You want to kick me out. I just want to point to the whole country that even in a respected establishment like this, there are still maggots and irresponsible people." (meaning him, the secretary, the lazy bum). No time to be subtle. My future was at stake.

They asked me to step out for the SECOND time.

And then they told me that me and Fezal cannot continue to stay at campus, but we are ALLOWED to continue our study. Meaning, I have to stay outside during my final year.

Damn. At least I negotiated past my own academic destruction.

So I stayed with my aunt, some 20 km away from the faculty, going to classes by train and bus. Our anti-hero Fezal led a more interesting life. His lover, the warden doctor rented an apartment and they lived together. The doctor was asked to leave the campus too, being a bloody embarrassment to the university. But after a few months of living together, he ditched my ex-friend.

The last time I heard of Fezal a long time ago, he was on depressant medications. His life in shambles. 

And he was the only one who didn't graduate in our class.

The end. :) Hell, yeah. This IS A TRUE STORY.

p.s. - my parents never knew about this. I just told them the dormitories were full and I had to live outside.


Tenchi said...

I didn't know that he didn't graduated...

Cos in final year we didn't the same class anymore...

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; You didn't know?!

Aizan Suhaira said...

Bravo, Mambang!

maximus alexius said...

wah...mambang was so gangster!
so scare..huhu...
pity to ur nemesis with his depressant..
so what is ur conclusion about this story?
moral story?

maximus alexius said...

wah...mambang was so gangster!
so scare..huhu...
pity to ur nemesis with his depressant..
so what is ur conclusion about this story?
moral story?

Ampivia Woods said...

u made my eyes sticked to the pc screen n didnt realise The Boss was watching from the back.haha//

u go Boy~!

Spencer L Casey said...

Hahaaa! Go, man, go. Love the story. I'm probably a lot bigger than you heigh-wise, but I'm no fighter and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to tangle with the gangster mambang. Phew!

Tenchi said...

yes...final year we are not very close due to the busy schedule...me go HUKM...u go campus...

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; I was not proud of what I did. But I have satisfaction.

Shadowthorne said...

maximus; Moral of the story. Do not mess with the Mambang. He'll psychoed you.

Shadowthorne said...

Ampivia; Ask your Boss to read it too. :)

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; I am no gangster. I am just a determined person. I only hit back when bothered.

You realize 'mambang' means fairy? :)

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; ye lor. we misss each other. kiss kiss. mwa ha ha ha

Spencer L Casey said...

How would I know what mambang means? It sounds like a superhero from my english speaking perspective. Hahaha...

TechnoBabe said...

Whew, you were allowed to continue your studies and graduate which was the ultimate goal anyway huh. I don't ever want you angry with me, no sir! It was a good thing that you stood up for yourself, that is sometimes hard for young people to do. Do you know what cajones are?

The Writing Instinct said...

As I was reading this 'Green Sleeves' was playing calmly in the background and I mentally prepared for waterfalls, picnics and sunshine...I certainly didn't expect a bloodied fight!

Great you continued in your studies...not so great about your ex-friend.

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; I've never been angry with any bloggers before. And I am sure you are a nice lady. :)

I have no idea and googled cajones. Drawers?

Shadowthorne said...

The Writing Instinct; Welcome to my blog. I happen to like a great variety of music. :)

Do you think it's nicely told?

James said...

Mambang- I have to say that not everything about the way you acted in this matter is to your credit, in my opinion.
Friends fall out. It is a part of life.
But if we cannot do another person any good, at least we can make sure we do them no harm.

Shadowthorne said...

James; I know. Like I told you people. I was / am not rather nice. Hurm.

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