People Are So Tardy!!!

I am rarely late - and that is one of my very few sterling qualities. I'd scream, shout and even threatened people if they got in my way to an appointment. (My mom and sisters, unfortunately are always treated such, because they took s much time to prepare for a journey, when I am the appointed driver).

Once upon a time, I would be in place 15 minutes, nay, sometimes half an hour early to any engagement. Be it meeting friends, a movie show or just a shopping expedition; if Mr Shadow asked you to be there at 4.00 o'clock, you'd better be there on time (even admirably, earlier) or your status in his eyes will be knocked several pegs downwards. I lost MANY friends like this. So what? A friend who treated someone else's time like trash (and got the gall not apologizing when late) is not a good friend anyway.

But now.... *sigh* I am not that stupid to be SO EARLY, because 90%, I'd end up looking like a fool waiting for latecomers. What happened to punctuality? Like the many meetings in my school, when the appointed time to begin is 2.15 pm, people are still streaming in even after 20 minutes. If the teachers cannot arrive on time, what will happen to the students under them? What's the use of the watches on your wrists? I'd say, take it off and throw it into the nearby drain.

It ate me inside, when my students are late to class at the laboratory. From behind the tinted glass, I saw them moving slowly, joking and playing, deliberately wasting my time (and the government's who paid my salary). I always wonder vehemently; What the FUCK is wrong with youngsters today? They are so unbelievably dense, I told them so many times to be on time, so many times to clean up their class, so many times to behave, so many times, gosh, the list can go on and on.

I was young once, but I was not THAT ignorant. I listened to my betters @ teachers.

Anyway, this entry is not about the extreme stupidity of today's youths. If there is a hell for tardy people, I hope it contains swinging sharp pendulums (to slash people underneath) , huge cogs (to crush appendages with) and sharp watch hands (to poke people's eyes).

p.s. - I am SO punctual I bought many watches (now 13) for my personal use. One day, I'll buy that grandfather clock. Pendulums are so cool!


Aizan Suhaira said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Mambang. I hate, absolutely DETEST people who are always late. Don't they realize the time I have wasted waiting for these idiots are time that i can never, NEVER regain?

Yes, yes. Tardy people should be shoved inside the iron maiden, and the door should be slammed shut.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; You and I can rule this planet. You can take the South, and I take the North Hemisphere :)

maximus alexius said...

sometimes with strong reason we cant blame them...

Shadowthorne said...

maximus; right...........

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