Guess What Would I Do.

This is a real situation which happen less than 20 minutes ago...

I was returning back from visiting my cousin at his house in the country. The road to his village was winding and very narrow, only enough for one car to drive on.

So, as I was driving back from his house, my (very big) car encountered another car driving on the opposite way at a very sharp bend on that very narrow road. This car's owner, a gentleman I supposed, reversed his vehicle to a wider path behind him so I could drive past.

"Crack!" his rear bumper hit a concrete fence and broke one of the posts. What do you think I did?

A.  Drive past him quickly. "Sayonara sucker!"

B.  Stop and discuss with him how to pay the damage (of his rear bumper).

C.  Smile apologetic at his loss and slowly drive away.

D. Giggle, laugh and point at the poor bugger (and the broken post).

E.  Phone my cousin to settle the problem.

Now predict what really happened next. People who know me should guess correctly my proper way of conduct in this situation.  


Aizan Suhaira said...


Tenchi said...

A with a big capital A

Rock Chef said...

A? Surely the only option?

maximus alexius said...

me too...A

Shadowthorne said...

Well folks.... you all disappoint me.

The answer is the combination of C and D.

Yes, I laugh, pointed and smiled at the poor soul. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

No point in driving quickly if I cannot see the damage.

maximusalexius said...


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