Before You Guys Think I Am Dead :P

As the tough guys would say; Suck it up and join the battle! We need no wuss.
I am no wuss, but being extravagant is always a good way to be the target yourself. Anyway, my sulkiness is ancient history (last week). I have a replacement for my broken vessel of love, but UNFORTUNATELY I cannot tell any of you here. God knows how many of my students are reading this :P

Two days ago, as I was driving to the cinema.... an accident occurred scant 50 metres in front of me. An old Indian man was ploughing / pushing his ancient black bicycle across the street when a small white compact car sped by and fully hit the back tyre of the man's bicycle!!
The aftermath was hillarious :O  Many would expect the poor man to be flung on the road, his bicycle became twisted metal. No, nothing happened to the man, nor his bicycle! But the front bumper of the car was RIPPED wide open and fell on the road!!! HA HA HA HA HA!
I laughed out aloud because the driver of the car galled me; he sped off, escaping the crime scene. Maybe he thought he had caused harm to the old man, but how wrong a criminal mind can be. Serves you good for being reckless on the road and stupid to boot.
As for the old Indian man, he didn't look shaken, only a bit annoyed and continued his way across the street. His bike was not even dented a bit.
Now that's quality ancient stuff :) I wish I can take a picture of the bike. It's one of the old black bicycles manufactured predating Independence. Very rare now on the streets.

On a lighter mode, let me show you a piece of polar bear fur I have in my possession.
    It's so bloody fluffy! The polar bear must be so fat and furry! Die polar bears, DIE!!
It's a kind of a mini rug, on my bed. The fur so luxurious to touch. Must have a bigger one soon...

Hold your horses boys! Before you (animal lovers) disown me for being a fur freak, I am just JOKING. It's not even real fur. It is actually wool spun to create a very furry rug. I love polar bears, ok :) I used to have a huge polar bear as a child a long time ago. I bought the rug from IKEA 3 weeks ago. :angel 
Shopping therapy is a good thing.


Casey Freeland said...

So glad the old man wasn't hurt. I was sure this post was headed towards a disaster of some sort. So, if the car's bumper was torn off, can't they at least get some identification of the vehicle from the dropped bumper. "car driving around, missing it's front bumper" or something?

Glad to hear from you again.


Tenchi said...

I had that old black bicycle in my old home long time ago...its own by my grandpa...so long as I remember its never had rusty at all...hail old ancient stuff!~

TechnoBabe said...

So you are saying you have a new main squeeze but you can't divulge any facts about this person because someone you might read you blog and you aren't ready to announce your new love yet. Is that correct?
Glad you were on the side of the man with his bike.

Aizan Suhaira said...

It's a funny story indeed. It just bothers me that there are more hit and run incidents nowadays. People have no more conscience it seems.

Grayquill said...

That must be one strong bike or one whimpy car. What brand was it? I want to make sure I never buy one because if a person acutally wanted to hit a person on purpose? You would want the car to hold together I think.

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