Help Me, I am Falling Into The Void!!

My blogger Void....

I was reading my previous entries this evening and realized that I am losing it... I used to write really often, was FIERY :fire about everything, and felt good about it.

Every month, there should be an average of 20 entries.... but the number has shrunk to even less than half of that. Aiye.... what has happened? :~  Did I get lazier than ever? (IF that is even possible).

I so envy the nice people who blogs every few days... Interesting and close knitted social life must you people have. My life IS interesting, but I just cannot put everything here in cyberspace. Some issues are too sensitive, some too horrifying to hear and maybe even a few that can bore your brain mass to liquid death. :xo

Ahh..... well, playing it safe for now. I am starting to feel that I am falling into the spiral already.

I know HOW to bounce back. But that would take some investment, and even moving out of my mom's house :P

Anyway, here's enjoying your posts my blogger friends! :party

p.s. - I wanna sulk somewhere for now.


Aizan Suhaira said...

Yeah, my posys are getting fewer too. And like you, it's not for the want of a more interesting life. Some things are best left omitted to protect my privacy and the privacy of others involved.

Fret not. The juices will flow again.

TechnoBabe said...

Noticing and acknowledging how you feel about what your life is right now is a first step. If you do need to make changes you will be heading there soon. For me, I like change but that is partly due to the fact that my entire life has been constant change so for me change is the constant. I like when you write, mostly because you write when you have something to share. Not all things are good to share on a blog.

Rock Chef said...

Fight it! Too many bloggers have been sucked into the void....

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