I'm Bloody Beautiful and There's Nothing You Can Do About It

Teaching percent : 67 %
Viciousness level : Minimum [feeling nice. An overall wonderful day :) ]

This morning, we had a photography session for the school magazine. I had forgotten all about it, even though we were told about it last Friday. Fortunately I was presentable, with my maroon shirt, black tie and Dockers trousers. But I stood out still....

You see; I was wearing a white belt with a red stripe. Male teachers are supposed to wear dark coloured belts, of leather or whatever.

I tried to be inconspicuous, but a colleague handed me a digital camera and asked to take all the pictures with him! Meaning; I was out right at the front of EVERYBODY. I saw tongues wagged and even the Principal gave me a puzzled look. Bugger.

Later that morning, as I hung out with a colleague, she said;
"You looked very gay today."
"And why is that?"
"The way you dress these days, and what's with the white belt?"
"Does a belt makes somebody gay? I do look good now than way before right?"
"I admit, you look much better now. You used to be quite scruffy."
"Scruffy.... right...."  
These women... I know they have heard of metrosexual men, but decided not to acknowledge it.

And I even pretended to be 'stupid' much much later in the staff room by asking some female teachers about make-ups and face foundations. They did answer my questions, while giving me queer glances which I was really used to - being a weird person from the start. They even told me examples of cosmetics they are using.... oh the things you must hear in the name of curiosity.
"Do you wear make up now?" one of them asked.
"No, and still I have flawless skin than most people here."
A conceited reply, yes. But it is the unchallenged truth. Narcissistic me 8)

Anyway Technobabe still finds it hard to believe I wear construction boots to school :) And here's my two pairs of boots. I usually wear the black pair (aptly named Black Hammer) while the brown leather (Men's Club) was neglected by me for almost half a year. But I wore them to school today! FYI, Black Hammer was one of my wedding dowry from almost 3 years ago.

Reasons for wearing them? Indestructible. Once I literally kicked through a wooden door with Black Hammer (in a fit of rage, in class, something to remember eh?). Sometimes, unlucky students were kicked too. Secondly, they hear me coming clearly - even from afar. I walk like a tank, a student once said. :fire


et said...

You ARE bloody beautiful!! We the fans of you, will admit it any midnight! I envy your shoes!
Woo! Shadowthorne!!!

TechnoBabe said...

Walk like a tank, eh? I have to admit now that I have seen them, they are cool shoes. Ditch the white belt though. Smile.

Casey Freeland said...

Great boots!

Rock Chef said...

You are looking pretty slick these days...

And great boots - walking like a tank sounds like a good thing for a teacher.

maximus alexius said...

yea....yea..people around u they are so jealous bcoz u r born with it...lalalala...

nice boots to kick some bad-ass..hey ya!hheh

Tenchi said...

since when u keep jangkut?

Aizan Suhaira said...

Me thinks a white belt brings out an outfit.

Oh well, tongues will wag. Nothing new about that.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

:P Thanks to all you beautiful people you!!! 8)

Radio Nowhere said...

modesty prevents me from sharing what we call brown boots such as your on your site...(it's not bad, just uses curse words)

love the tie...

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