The End Is Near (for Teachers here...)

Gosh! Only six days before the school STARTS?!! I wish to have another month of holiday. Christmas had just passed and I know you guys are having a lot of fun with your presents and stuff. I have a lot of FUN with my PlayStation 3 and iPad 2 too.

And I just found out how to download free ebooks a couple of days ago.... Yay for the internet!

I started to keep my aquarium alive again...

This is a fighting fish. Once upon a time they were abundant in the rice fields here, but as Malaysia has grown into a modernized country, the rice fields are fewer and the fishs are almost extinct. Nowadays, most fighting fish come from Thailand, the country up north. Only male fish got sails / plumage like this. The females are more dull and smaller. They come in a myriad of colours, my fav are blue and red. Most in metallic hues :)
Two male fishs cannot live in the same container... they will fight, thus the name.

And have a look at this box full of roses....
These came from my three rose bushes at the front of my house. The rain brings a lot of blooms and it would be a great waste to let the flowers wilt or rot. So we carefully cut every rose and then naturally dry them in a copper pan to make pot pourri. I have a huge bowl of them now :)

Ok, time to have late dinner. I might have some sausages fried.


Rock Chef said...

That fish looks wonderful - I never realised that fish lived in rice fields!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

RC; Once upon a time.... when the paddy fields were aplenty and pesticides and fertilizers were few.

Ms. A said...

The fish AND the roses look wonderful!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Ms. A; Thank you ;)

CiCi said...

The roses look very pretty, I remember seeing pics of the front of your house long ago. Making potpourri, wow. Do you leave the rose scent or do you add oil with more scent? I sure wish I had some roses here. Maybe some day.

How do you download free ebooks?

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Cici; the rose bushes weren't planted yet in those pictures. The dried flower had some fragrance still, and the dried roses are pretty to look at. The colour intensed after drying.
I downloaded the free ebooks with my iPad. But ebooks can also be downloaded with regular computers. Type 'free ebooks' at any search engine and you'll find them. But to find recently published is a bit harder, you'll have to browse a lot more.
Hope you find them and enjoy ;)

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