I am a Wyrm, who waited for any opportunity...

 My housemate and I went to meet an old school friend at the local Secret Recipe. We are of the same age, and as I was divorced, he was never into any real relationships before. Our conversations had a wide spectrum; from the impoliteness of today's youth to the rising price of cosmetics at Guardian (you must ask? Maybe I was born with it, but SOME people do depend on creams and such :P)

And in the middle of snacking (the heavy slices of chocolate cheese cake) he told me that he already have a new laptop computer and is willing to let go of his iPad 2 for half the price. My housemate head perked up at this because he is REALLY interested in that offer. I told my friend that my housemate was looking for a touchscreen computer and would he sell it to him.

My housemate was hesitant, mainly because he didn't know my friend that well and partly, he didn't have that much money. Than suddenly, that dreadful dragon inside me roared 'AN OPPORTUNITY, TAKE IT!!!' And without ceremony I offered to buy my friend's iPad instead for myself.

My housemate face changed at this.

In the previous post, i think I wrote about me not needing a new computer. But this is a spanking new iPad 2 costing at half of its price. And next year, if God and Government permits, I will have that raise promised. PlayStation 3 and iPad 2 before Christmas. Sounds good.

No need to shout hypocrite that loud! :)

On the way back, I had to placate my housemate in the car. It took some time for an angry guy to listen to reason. I told him I knew he didn't have enough money and although the iPad will be mine, I'd let him use it as he allows me to use his laptop for gaming.

A win-win situation. Don't you think?

(some of you would think.... now I know why he has so few friends) :P


Ms. A said...

Had to move around on that bubble to be able to make it work. Tried earlier... guess I didn't find the exact spot.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Yay! You made it!

Rock Chef said...

It does sound like a win-win to me. Not that I am a big iPad fan...

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Rock Chef;

It is a win-win situation. He agreed it is the best thing to do at last. After a micron of persuasion from me.

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