Haiku Project 1

Was so stupid

to be cheated easily

by pirate cd guy.  

                                            -Revelation after 'Wallace & Gromit' vs '300'-


Aizan said...

I'm gonna put my comments for all your posts here.

Evil people hate pets. You're just a pet lover pretending to be evil.

And for the life of me, I do not understand you and Nani's obsession on writing reviews of every place you've been out for a meal and also also writing reviews about movies, movies and more movies.

Wake up o (so called) Evil One! Life is too much fun to be spent in a dark cinema watching films about events that (most of them) do not even happen.

But... after everything that has been said and done. Aizan is back that Mr. Mambang has finally resurfaced.

Shadowthorne said...

Ah, my ex apprentice...
Yes, I am an evil person trying to be nice to cute kitty cats. You have no pets because You don't even have time to take care for any pets (please include men, boys, whatever here)

Oh and can't a dark lord enjoy a good movie?

Your sarcasm buried a lance of mirth into my evil heart o evil-in-girl-form. :)

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