Eating Out

I had simply forgotten how many times I had a meal in Seoul Garden, Mahkota Parade. Usually, I was with a friend or two but this evening, for the first time, I had to entertain three. Nani (Amirah Syuhada), Adi (LL) and Khairil (Agent K). At 5.30 pm. 

Personally, I was so ravenous before the meal because I hadn't had breakfast, lunch or even evening tea. And we overstuffed ourselves well with the great many choices of food there. It was great to have a meal with friends... which I rarely did when I was in school, and come to think of it even during my university years. I was a lone wolf then, and preferred to do most activities in solitude. So I guessed, it's my own fault for being an ass.

Adi kept pestering me to watch 'Australia' the movie with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Hell, I hate epic (drama) movies. And so unfortunate for us that Ip-Man was scheduled quite late, 9.30 pm (some of us gotta go back early). So we went to Khairil's handphone booth and I was in love with the new CSL touch screen series (with stupid sissy crystals). Wow! I am in love all over Motorola again with its new E8 ROKR version. It looks like a cool space ship! So many new handphones!!! So much possibilities!!! Arghhhhhhh!!

Greed is good.


Tenchi said...

I more love in HTC Thyn II with window 6.1 can play AOE on it...

Korean food...I had its once only...I don't like the sour cabbage....

Anonymous said...

"So I guessed, it's my own fault for being an ass." thats totally correct!

Not like others, who become lone wolf of their choices. Anyway, thanks for the treat.

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