La la la lah 2

Oh, it's 4.10 in the morning..... and I am still not sleepy.

I spent this very early morning watching one of the action flick franchise I always love - The Lethal Weapon series. Well, not the entire series... just No. 3 and 4.

It's too bad Mel Gibson and Danny Glover got older and they have to stop making more of the films. It's the lively banter between them and slapstick jokes that made me enjoy this dynamic duo - aptly named 'Chaos' and 'Mayhem'.

Oh, and I must get that 'Romeo Must Die' pirated Blue-ray dvd soon. Jet Li was phenomenal in it. He's getting older too, like Jacky Chan and Sammo Hung. Only Donnie Yuen is left in his prime but there is too much of him lately on films (and not all of them are good). Who will be the next Asian kungfu star?

Somebody told me that Ip-Man was really good. I might give it a try this week. I am more of an adrenalin junkie than a horror fanatic. Heck, I hate to play scary Play Station games because they are bad for my karma. No, I am no coward, I am never afraid of the dark and I would disembowel people with my knife if the opportunity comes (walking alone, sometimes wishing to be mugged, that kind of opportunity). I have a dual-childlike characters in my mind and they do not enjoy being scared. If they are not happy, I wont be happy too. But sometimes I watch these horror flicks (always on dvd) after I sent them away to play in fairyland.

Life sucks when you have multiple personalities.


Tenchi said...

Ip-man is great...I watch it on the 1st day it release in the cinema...

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