Of Ice Cream and Brain's Hypothalamus

These past few weeks I've been making a habit of driving to any convenience shop and buy myself an ice-cream on a stick. I used to buy ice-cream cones but lately I found out that the sticks taste better and have more variety. For now, I am in love with anything with vanilla in it. Cherry and mango with vanilla, it might sound strange but surely taste delicious!

As I am losing interest in food (as I expressed in the previous post) my attraction to cold drinks and dessert is as strong as ever. My thirst-centre, somewhere in the brain hypothalamus is somewhat malfunctioned since I was in my younger 20s. So I have this constant thirst and would down a huge jug of water in less the time you would finish a cup of tea.

It's a curse yes, to be thirsty all the time.

I am a person with a higher than normal temperature. Literally a hot person - excuse the pun. So I drink cold and iced beverages to quench the unquenchable thirst most of the time. I am the person with the highest visiting frequency to the refrigerator at any day. I like cold places and love rainy days. (We don't have snow here, but I can still wish).

Back to the ice creams... A comfort food for me, now more than ever. :) I don't buy ice cream in tubs anymore for no apparent reasons. Maybe I am too bad a person to share.


Spencer L Casey said...

The right kind of ice cream is magical. Aaaah. I love old fashioned Rocky Road.

Aizan Suhaira said...

An "ice cream on a stick" as you oh so adorably describe it is called a popsicle.

And yes, rainy days are the most beautiful days on earth.

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; We don't have Rocky Roads here but I'm glad you like them (whatever it tastes like) :)

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Yes, I have forgotten the term because I haven't had 'popsicles' for a very very long time before. Used to buy only ice cream cones.

When we rule the planet, let's make half a year rainy!!

Spencer L Casey said...

You would love Rocky Road ice cream. Nice, deep chocolate ice cream with whole, small marshmallows and chopped walnuts. Oh, man, I'm going to go buy some right now!

Radio Nowhere said...

With all the trips to the fridge, you probably make as many trips elsewhere when you're done...

And Ice Cream is one of my favorite food groups.

Shadowthorne said...

Radio N; Very true, also a frequent visitor of the toilet too! Cause and effect.

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