Disgusting Undead and Brutish / British Bond

I bought "Resident Evil 5" for my Play Station 3 against my better judgement. Capcom's phenomenal zombie-killing game series are so popular they had to launch another one after the success of "Resident Evil 4". Gosh. Most of you who read my blog and personally know me would say that I am a fearless sort of person. But I drew a line at certain things, and zombie(s) is one of it.

A zombie is an undead, slow and disgusting, animated by magic or in the Resident Evil series, some biohazard T-virus. That's not why I hate them the most of the monsters' pantheon. They are also icky and they KEEP on coming! I'd rather battle werewolves and vampires in the deepest pits of Hell (in games, mind you) rather than meet those shuffling undeads. At least vampires have STYLE and werewolves are just more interesting to shoot at, with them moving so fast, sometimes on walls and ceilings.

Three years ago, I only dared to play "Resident Evil 4" at noon, when it is brightest. Never at night or in the dark. Yes, with the latest technology, game characters are so real, you'd bring them into your dreams. I love my sleep, so zombie-murdering must be done in total safety of the day.

"Resident Evil 5" is set in Africa, and as PS3 is graphically superior than PS2, the promise of more believable undead is imminent. Yes, I still kill those sods during the day.


I've been watching "Quantum of Solace" on Blueray this evening with my ferret. (Oh ok, he's not really watching, mainly sniffing around the base of the tv cabinet and just look up curiously when the loud noises starts).

I think Daniel Craig is wonderful as the super spy. He brought a new style most who had (really) read the books would never thought of. The new Bond is brutish, a bully and huge! I previously thought that Pierce Brosnan was the best Bond ever, but now I stand corrected. A brutal efficient killing machine has more attraction for me than a suave, well mannered spy with a lady's gun (the Beretta).

p.s. - How would you like to end with these undeads? A. Gnawed slowly by a group of zombies. B. Drained of your blood (from various parts of your body) by a few vampires. C. Gnawed (again) like bones by some werewolves, after they ripped out your heart that is.


Spencer L Casey said...

Problem with Zombies is the randomness. You never know which slash or shot or chop will finally do them in. There's no definite killing blow. I'd probably play at noon as well.

I'd rather go with the vamps, by the way. Still a chance they would simply turn me and then I could hang with the blood suckers. :)

Radio Nowhere said...


Daniel Craig as Bond is far closer to the almost a lout depicted in Fleming's books. He's just a barely likable guy in the books...and in the films as portrayed by Craig.

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; Yes, the attraction of living forever... And damnation can.... damn itself.

Shoot the heads, or decapitate them, the usual method to end zombies.

Our late friend Inkpot had fallen to them...

Shadowthorne said...

Radio N; Yes, they are BORING too. Forget to mention it. :)

Tenchi said...

I had watch the game preview on astro for that...its so realistic...when do i can own a PS3?

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; You can buy it now la! You have the money, just so kedekut one! Anyway my PS3 almost broke down because of heavy gaming.

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