Watched, Reading and Walked with Harry

Yes, I watched "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" three days ago with eight friends (wow! Does he have that many friends or he made it all up?) and it was an OK film. My friends REALLY hated me when I told them that Dumbledore was going to die some 15 minutes before his actual death in the film. I've read the entire series and was comparing my notes to the unfolding cinematography on the silverscreen.

Read the books first before watching the films. It helps to answer a lot of questions afterwards.

And now (yes, this very moment) I am at page 262 of the last book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". The movie will only be shown next year or later but I need to polish my memory of these extraordinary books first. And I usually enjoy reading my fav books more than twice, and this IS my second go at the particular series. Very moody, dark and full of negative vibes. J.K. Rowling did good by ending the series.

Even I would be sick of Harry Potter, the extended series (if she decided to rake in more money).

On a lighter note, I had a friend who is the splitting image of Daniel Radcliffe when I was in secondary school (this is WAY before Harry Potter ever existed). He was fair, dark haired and wore specs too. [Will not put his name here for security sake].

The last time I met him when we were walking around KLCC (2002), looking for my Terry Pratchett's books. He was TRAFFIC-STOPPINGLY good looking. People actually paused whatever they were doing when he walked past. THAT good looking. As for me, I felt like mud dragging underneath his feet (did not wish to feel like that ever again).

I told him afterwards that I would never go out with him anymore. He said why not. He's a nice person but I don't like to be overshadowed, no, eclipsed by someone that badly (It's a Darklord trait).

The last I heard of him, he was expelled from the overseas university he attended - for being involved in various free-sex relationships and negligence in study.

:) Well, go figure.


Aizan Suhaira said...

I don't think he was expelled for free-sex relationships, unless he went to a university in Mesir or something.

Most likely it's the latter that's the culprit.

p/s I don't think Harry Potter aka Mr. Radcliffe is cute.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Oh yes he was! They withdrew the sponsorship when they knew about his MANY MANY adventures outside campus.

He was so popular with the ladies and ehem ehem... men too.

Oh people DO talk.

Radio Nowhere said...

Poor sod...done in by his own good looks...(not)

Shadowthorne said...

Radio N; I must admit I hated him for being so beautiful.

et said...

I was never into harry potter books.. for some reason. So not into the movies too.

Wel, i guess i look lik daniel radcliff.. **ahmm** **ahmm**

Shadowthorne said...

et; WE know what you look like et.

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