Shadowthorne's Sister, His Nephew, Niece And Her Maid

My sister arrived yesterday from the capital city, bringing her two children, plus a maid. My niece, a girl of 4 is dark like her mother, and may inherit her laser tongue as well. Her fairer little brother is almost a year old and has an instant liking for me, and followed me around, which was quite weird because he used to cry whenever I approached last time I met him two months ago. Short term memory loss? He's an adorable little tyke.

My sister, an engineer has a two storey house very near to Subang Parade (which looks big from outside, but really not that spacious when within). She commandeers her house like a tight ship because there are many rules for many things. Do not use the upstairs toilet. Used clothes must be immediately put into washing machine. Wash the glasses and plates you used. Never open the back door. Put the toys back after use. etc etc. You might say these are all common rules in the house, well of course they are until she literally breathed down your neck whenever you are going to disobey her rules.

Her husband is a bit layback like me (but very less evil).

She is also very obsessive with cleanliness. Even her in-laws are having the same problem. She used to sweep the floor right in front of her in-laws (in the Malay culture, such act is a very very pointed way to show that 'you are not welcomed in my house'). My mom was SO angry when knowing this and berated her loud enough for the next-door's dog to bark. But I think my sister didn't even care what people think because a dirty floor is a dirty floor. She's that kind of person, not very tactful.

And this morning, she had her maid spring cleaning my mom's entire house (which is much bigger than her home). Marble floor mopped, furniture scrubbed, mirrors and glass wiped, front swept, cobwebs removed, dust vacuumed etc. Fortunately for her, the girl is very efficient and quite bright. I'd imagine my sister would fry someone who is of lesser quality.

And she pointedly told me that I should get my mom a maid too. Yeah, wait till my ferret rides a bicycle first.

p.s. - Pic is NOT of the maid. And NO, I don't have fetishes concerning maids or any domestic help.


Spencer L Casey said...

I'm going to go WAYYY out on a limb and guess that your BIL is laid back because he has no choice. It's called survival.

Oh, and if your sister saw my house she'd have a heart-attack. A big one. Or she'd sick her maid on us. Come to think of it, send her over. We need a good top to bottom...


Shadowthorne said...

SLC; :) I was wondering when you'd show up here. Thanks for commenting.

Her husband works hundreds of miles away from her and this let her free rein of everything. Oh I think she might let her maid loose upon thy house if she was ever invited there. :)

Spencer L Casey said...

OK, so here's the thing. I thought I had subscribed to you long ago and you just weren't a regular poster. That's the total truth. When I figured it out I came over and read a bunch of your posts.

Did those parents really slap their girls? I have a hard time knowing when you're being ironical and when your serious.

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; Oh if that's the case, it's very ok. It's not like whenever I have more readers comments, I got more money from any secret society. :)

Yes, two fathers slapped their daughters in front of me. (Maybe because I hate their arrogant daughters so much. A male teacher cannot touch female students here).

I am serious most of the time. It is only the question of I can do the things I said or not. (If I cannot do it, mostly because I do not wish to be found out.) :)

I am one fascinating basketful of nuts. Trust me, psychiatrists said so. :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

My grandma is exactly like your sister. My mom is the same way too, but to a lesser extent. You are right about your sister being lucky that the maid is a capable one.

Indeed, if she had an idiot for maid the fool would've run away in the still of the night.

I on the other hand am not obsessed with cleanliness. But it doesn't mean I don't mind being in a mess.

That is why I pay part-time cleaners to maintain my little place.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; I wish I can have part time cleaners like you. But I don't like strangers touching my stuff. And I must admit my own bedroom is very dusty and messy.

Another reason why I am not moving to my new bungalow.

Spencer L Casey said...

Um, your sister's made is gorgeous!

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; That is not her maid. Some pic I stole from the internet.

Spencer L Casey said...

Yeah, I knew that. But I just couldn't see the pic and not say SOMETHING.

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; ha ha ha!

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