Adventures of Kiki and Kaos 4

"Oi Boss. Why you never let Kiki play outside teh house?" Kaos asked me while we had a little walkie to the gate, with him on a leash.

"That's for her own good. She is unneutered you know."

"What's a nutter? Is dat some kind of diseaze?" Kaos jumping up and down next to the gate.

"Oh you know... *snip!-snip!*"

"Why are you making that noise with moving fingers like dat?"

"Ok ok. Let's say I do not wish to become grandfather yet. So I will not let Kiki meet the many boy-cats outside the house." 

"Oooo you mean if Kiki gets pregnant, and then you kick her out of teh house izzit?"


"And why me don't see any girl-ferrets around? Me wanna meet lady ferrets!" 

"What for? You lost your balls already."

"Me a nutter?!!! NOOOOO!!!!!"


et said...

In my place.. few pets are undergone surgeries for their own health. Most are let free.. and later the kids are thrown away into compounds of other houses!

O lord.. look at the grief in kaos' eyes!

Shadowthorne said...

et; Like I said, I don't intend to be a grandparent for kittens or little ferrets yet. :)

Radio Nowhere said...

You are a hard man, Shadowthorne...

Shadowthorne said...

Radio; It's tough love alright. :)

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