Viewtiful Virtual Vacation and Mashing Monsters

I stayed at home for four days doing nothing much because I am simply a homebody who waited for interesting things to make me go outside (movies, an urge to eat junk food, loitering around etc). 

I am playing this new video game; Sacred 2 - about a fantasy realm called Ancaria ya da ya da ya da.... no need to bore you guys about the plot. All I wanted to say was the game was so BLOODY beautiful, very much like taking a stroll in a fantasy world filled with fantastic creatures. And of course you can bash those creatures if they come interrupting your walk around the huge land.

I met people, who had limited answers like "Hi!""Good to see you.""You are pretty." etc and the architecture of the towns were believable and so 'olde-worlde'. The forests were alive with animals and the small little details like bursting dandelions and the sound of a merry brook makes me go gaga over the realism.

Yes, I wish to spend my holidays inside a 32-inch flat screen tv. 

Thank goodness for PS3. :)

p.s. - for the record, my character is a Seraphim (good female angel) which is SO NOT me. I prefer to use male characters and do the EVIL campaign first. But seraphims can ride saber tooth tigers. The cool factor there was undisputed.

Erm.... this entry reminds me of the upcoming movie 'Surrogate' starring Bruce Willis. It's about people in virtual reality gadgets, and controlling robots as their own surrogates. Cool. 


Vyazz said...

You are sooo lucky to have a PS3!!!
I wanted to buy a PSP but I'm graduating and I'm not gonna have time to play in the near future (more exams, internships).
BTW speaking of fantasy have u played the game Oblivion?? I have a decent laptop 4 gaming purposes....where I could play everything except a stupid game called CRYSIS (stupid coz of the high config!!!)
Oh and one game I really liked wuz Assassins creed!!
U get really nice games in PS3
Try God of War 3!!
Guess the only time I'm gonna get to play games is mebbe 10 years later (sob!) :(

Tenchi said...


Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz; I have played ALL the games you mentioned. Oblivion II was beautiful and big, although a bit scary to have a vacation there. :) And yes! We can have a free tour of the Holy Lands in Assassin Creed! The next installation of the game is coming up real soon. :)

Oh I KNOW you are going to buy a PS3 when you are a doctor. It is a matter of you have the time or not to play. :)

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; Ha ha ha, I love you too.

et said...

Aww PS3!!
Anyways i don envy u for i'm all buried under college works!

Talkin of games.. i'm all into Hitman series! It's not that noisy(can get noisy if uw ant to though). But u shud feel the thrill of realistic assassination!

Now there's this good ol' xmen legends in my PC.. abandoned by the lack of time! :|

Shadowthorne said...

et; I tried playing Hitman once, but my head spins playing such games. :(
Loved the X-men and I played all their PS2 games so far. PS3 X-Men will be coming soon enough. :)

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