Evil Teacher Strikes Again

Parents are allowed to come into class today for the 'Meet the Teachers' programme. This is held twice a year, after the mid term and the final term exams. Parents are briefed about the school's policy and they can ask the teachers about the performance of their children in class.

I am the class teacher of 2 C. There are 14 boys and 15 girls under me and I have their result sheets in my hands. I have a lot of things to say to visiting parents... Let's say today is a good day for revenge.

So the influx of parents started at 9.00 am. There were more parents than I expected, but no matter. I used to stutter when I was young but this grown man has a new nickname - Silvertongue, I can talk my way to people's destruction.

Parents were surprised. Parents were saddened. Parents were angered (not at me). Woe to the students who vexed me in class. I told EVERYTHING to their parents. The laziness. The truancy. The rudeness. And a couple of fathers SLAPPED their precious daughters in front of the entire class, so ashamed of their own spawns. Tears were shed, not that I care.

I've warned them before. Cross me and you'll get what you deserve. I was actually smiling while other people were in shock.

But I was not a complete beast, ok? Good and polite students (I treasure these more than clever students) received glowing praises from me. And the look on their parents' faces were of pride and joy. We talked about the children progress and most parents just agreed whatever advice I recommended for them.

Tomorrow is another schooling day. And after school I'm going to watch 'Transformers 2' with eleven people I work with. :)

Ruining lives (of snobbish students) is a hard but satisfying work. :)

And I've read this quote somewhere by Alfred Hitchcock;
"Revenge is sweet and not fattening." How true.


Vyazz said...

Wow...I suppose ur students didnt see that coming. Btw...like ur virtual ferret. Quite a nice addition to ur blog. :)

Anonymous said...

wait until your car get a terrible damage, sir.

Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz; At last, I thought you were too busy to write here. Thanks, I just came upon the ferret a few days ago. :)

Shadowthorne said...

Anon; Bring it on!

Vyazz said...

@Shadowthrone: I'm done with my exams so I finally have time to blog...and my graduation is on the 30th. Hopefully will blog about it, and post the pics!!

strattonm said...

You know what is TRULY E-Vill?

Having unsuspecting visitors blasted with The Carpenters out of the Yellow Bear of Doom!

And good on you for being honest with parents.

Radio Nowhere

Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz; do the pic posting s'il vous plait.

Shadowthorne said...

Radio Nowhere; It is good to be honestly destructive. :) I don't hold back if I don't have any profit in the relationship.

It is really unfair that teachers are not allowed to hit girls. Erm...

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