Sorry Is Indeed The Hardest Word

I am sorry if you cried, cause I know it hurts
I am sorry for the many things I shouldn't do or say to you
Because you are not one of them
Forgive me, for taking you for granted

I am sorry if you think that this is the end
I am sorry when your patience has finally gone
You are the best I ever had
Forgive me, for being that pain in your heart

I am so sorry it turns up like this
I am sorry for wasting your time and love
Yes, I do not deserve you
Forgive me, for misleading you from the path

I hope you can forgive me. Because there is no one like you.


Casey Freeland said...

Oh, man, Shadow, did you write this? I'm overwhelmed. It's beautiful and sad. You have layers like onion my friend.


Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

hey whats wrong with u?
it sound sad?
anything happen?

TechnoBabe said...

I knew there were depths to you and you give us glimpses here and there. This is awesome.

Vyazz said...

Hmm....seems like a ballad of regret.....alls well??

Tenchi said...

copy from lyric or really sorry...

so long no come see u here...

come come see like this punya entry

et said...

Its okay. I pardon you :)
See, I'm back.

dayana said...

terenyuh deh jadinya..
Salam kenal
Visit me yah my page
Or my site @ Trimakasih

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