Blogger Makes Me Sad :(

I am sad. Not crying out loud,screaming with-fist-up-to-God-grieving sadness. Just downright heavy hearted sad. And I will tell you why :~

I've been blogging for more than two years, and I met some fantastic men and women in the blogsphere which somehow, maybe they already know or not - I call friends. Yes, you guys who are reading this.

For those who have seen my entries, and personally know me, you might judge me as a very abrasive guy, who speaks his mind, and maybe hurts some feeling (oh ok, maybe a lot) along the way. But I know you ALL know that I never aim to hurt anybody THROUGH your very own blogs.

My comments might sound rash, maybe weird. But I never intended it to cause maximum damage to your sensitive collective hearts.

So last night, I commented on a fellow blogger's picture she put up recently. I asked a question about a characteristic of the building in her snapshot. And less than 15 minutes ago, she sent me an email, asking me to stop asking stupid questions in her blog. Or was it my aim to pull her down.

You can say I was so disappointed in this kind of people. Didn't your teachers tell you; ASK IF YOU DON'T KNOW. I am a teacher, and I practice what I preach.

In her email, she made me sound like an idiot, which I am not. She might have the idea I was toying with her, but GOOD GRACIOUS woman! Malaysia has VERY FEW CHURCHES!! And when I asked about the state of its windows, why must you be so overly sensitive?

We live in different parts of the world. So why must you assume I know everything you know? 

So the best thing I can do is withdrawing myself from visiting her blog ever again (I regularly did this, and now I know why she stop visiting mine. She thinks I am not good enough to be her friend). I even deleted myself from her follower list.

And the last thing I did was sending her an e-mail reply, apologizing profusely for being 'stupid' and promised never to bother her again (even though there was nothing to be sorry about in my opinion, but I don't make war with strangers). I also told her that I am so sorry to be so truthful in her blog, because she had shown herself to be appreciative to only 'nice' and 'sweet' comments from her readers.

This made my head hurt. I so hate people with plastic personality.

I will be offlined for a few days in blogspot. No, I will not be lost or fall out of grid. I just need to think about the hypocrisy of humans and how to deal with people who just cannot stand the truth.

I love you all. :f


Tenchi said...

human ma...take it easy...for sure you will face more of them in the near future as long as you live...

take some day off the grid...relax...play with kero and the ferrets...eat some nice Korean food...

brocasarea said...

chill dude...dont give a fuck;)

Casey Freeland said...

No worries. Take a break. We'll be here when you come back.


Vyazz said...

Blogger should make u happy!! Not sad!!! :(
I'm sorry to hear that some blogger was rude to u!! U can always rant away at my blog....I'm all ears!!! :)
Besides the one reason I like reading ur blog is because u are so candid!! Unlike lots of diplomatic hypocrites!!
Cheer up man!!! And sowie been away from ur blog for so long.....was busy lookin for a hospital to begin my internship!!!

Vyazz said...

Oh....and btw.....like ur template......but it lacks ur signature evil spark!!! ;)

Rock Chef said...

That is a pain - when you have been blogging for a while it becomes very clear that what is crystal clear to you might be totally incomprehensible to others - we have seen this in each other's posts and have both happily clarified points for each other. For me that is one of the charms of blogging!

Her loss!

Aizan Suhaira said...

Oh yeah. I've experienced this before. I visited this particular blogger's page. I find her entries amusing and smart. And I left a comment meant as a joke but apparently, she took it really hard and went on to write a whole entry about my particular comment. Even highlighted that the comment was from me.

No. 1: Now I know behind the amusing banter lies a person so pathetic that an innocent statement was seen as offensive.

No. 2: I don't find her interesting anymore after that. Rather, I think she was a sad person indeed.

No. 3: There are other interesting blogs out there.

I don't mind playful word-sparring. But when a blogger takes something so seriously... oh well. Their loss. There goes one less reader.

Eveline said...

It's refreshing to be reminded to have faith in humanity. :P
I hope this doesn't ruin your attitude towards blogging. Some people are just stupid.

P:S The woman has some SERIOUS issues.

Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

agak la..kalo x suka bace blog orang lain xyah drop comment2 yang merepek..dah tu blog dia, suke ati la dia nak letak apepon.. janji dia hepi..

Ampivia Iezan Woods said...

ok,now i wannna read that blog.

hahaha..chill okeh..normal la tu.:)

Grayquill said...

Sometimes we are say it right and we are misunderstood - result - 'That hurt'
Sometimes we say it wrong and we are understood - result - 'That hurt'
Sometimes we say it wrong and we are misunderstood - result - 'That hurt'
Sometimes we say it right and we are understood - result - good communication.
Hang in there

et said...

Shadows.. we, the wonderful people of the blogosphere, shalt not give ears to the people who can't understand how awesome we are! And why waste our time with 'em.
In our days in the blogosphere, we can see how much pretense go on around here. People are used to it, and that becomes the style of some people. And then they can't understand what is normal conversation. Shove them off your mind! :i

Malice Blackheart said...

Damn, S.T.! She's sounds like a real bitch. I find not everyone gets our sarcastic, not to say nasty humor. It's all in good fun. You know it, I know it, everyone here knows it, but there's a lot of stupid haters out there. Look at it this way. If people get you, like I do, you make them smile. If they're too stupid and you've pissed them off, well, they deserve to be pissed off. Be proud of that too.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

:) Thanks for the kind words guys :)

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