Tales From The School 2

"Where's your da*n assignment?" I was fuming in front of the class. The teacher's table was between us, fortunately, or my claws should have sunk into his chest.

"I left it at home," his voice was so low, reminiscence of the pesky mosquito. The entire class was already quiet with abated breath.

"And why is that? Lie to me and only God can help you as I will make sure your entire future flushed down the drain!" Yes, I CAN do that. Ask your nearest teacher for assistance.


"Speak louder."

"I was watching football. And I overslept."

...... anger raised like an evil tide inside me. World Cup or not, the class must go on.

"Tell me. Do these football players you reverently watched last night know you live and study here?"


"Did they tell you to watch them on tv and ask you to forget your assignment?"


 "Are they here now to help you answer your excuses? Did you get a single cent watching them play at the wee hour of the morning?!" 


"So you know who is at fault here. Not football. But you. Now go to that corner and complete three times the original amount of assignment I gave you. And I want it finished by tomorrow morning."

I rarely give out assignments, but when I do, it pours!

And YES, I got something against the World Cup. People shouldn't give excuses and accuses the ball. You watch it, then you will pay for it (at work and school). 


brocasarea said...

u shd have asked "u didnt forget to bring ur bleady lunch"??

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

brocasarea; ALL of them never bring their own lunch. So I cannot use that wonderful question.
The best I can do would be;
"And you still remember to wear your trousers to school, is it?" :v

Tenchi said...

I never did like sport also

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