What's Love Gotta Do With This?

I am unique and sometimes my mind steers towards the insane (run people, run!) but I am only human. Once upon a time I dated so regularly a good friend of mine (I miss this guy, Kirk Wines, but he fell out of the grid) told me I changed partners more often than he changed his shirts. Which is true. Dating was not only a game, but a search for that miniscule yet gargantuan emotion we call LOVE.

I dated here, I dated there. Heck, I met people EVERYWHERE!

I've met a few people I fancy so much, and was fortunate that my feelings were resonated. They showed me so much love and devotion that it SO hurting when they had to go away (one of them died quietly a long distance away, not wanting me to grieve - I only knew of the news after a few months of desperation).

That was a long time ago. Love is that wonderful feeling that free, yet constrict us. It is indescribable. For a despicable creature like me to find true love is next to impossible. But amidst the sand, after all the searching, it shows when the person opposite you smiles...

The Dragon was chained. He has a new keeper.
I want somebody who looks over my shoulder and say 'No, you cannot do that to people!'
I want somebody who will not judge me much because they already know the person within.
I want somebody who is always ready to go wherever I wanna go.
I want somebody who will listen to my difficult problems and try to solve together.
I want somebody who looks good and made me proud being with them.
I want somebody who place me very high in their social life, preferably just next to God and family.
I want somebody who finish up their food, or even better, feed me from their plate.
I want somebody who is willing to be with me in hard times.
I want somebody who can die for me (LITERALLY)
I want somebody who cares.
I want somebody who loves me...    

For my love; Heaven is your face. Your love for me makes me be with you forever.

p.s. - I neglected to tell you people that I already found that person :)


Aizan Suhaira said...

I hope you find that person you're looking for. And I hope you would do the same things too.

Casey Freeland said...

I had the exact comment in mind as Aizan. Exactly.

et said...

And you already found that person? The protective you didn't disclose it any sooner eh? :)
Good lucks!

Ampivia Iezan Woods said...

arent this cute..:)

and ya,InsyaAllah if u already found the person-so the same thing to her as Aizan said.

and remember;always expect the UNEXPECTED.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Aizan et Casey; La la la la!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

et; We've been together for 9 months already. :)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Ampivia; Of course, the ups and downs. Whenever I feel sad, I write love poems. :)

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