Dreams of the Realm I

"Why we must slaughter everybody in that city?" the raven haired boy (Pip) asked a few hours after we left the carnage.

"So we send the message to everyone that nobody can defy the Empire," I answered as the horses approach the crest of yet another green hill. The black smoke and fire can still be seen behind the darkened forest.

"But you don't have to kill EVERYONE. Some might be innocent, in contrast to your belief."

"I think sending the message is the most important idea here. By eliminating everyone, there will be no one in that particular area to stand against us in the future," Emma interjected from upon his horse, Binky, on my right.

Pip sniffed and clutched the pommels of his dual long knives.
"But they might have relatives in other cities an d towns. There would be no end of it!"

Reining Binky as we reach the top of the hill, the fair-haired Emma pointed due east.
"Once, there was a thriving town over there, the men were proud and hardworking. They reared the best cattle this side of the Realm for our capital. But the men began to get ideas above their station, and charged exorbitant prices and refused to pay tax, saying they deserved more for their services. Over there."

"I don't see anything. Only trees." Pip stood on the stirrups to peer into the gloomy dusk.

"My point exactly."

I smiled as we descended the hill.  

Pip and Emma (both boys approx 10 yrs old but cannot age) are fictional characters that have been running inside my head for several years. We had many fantastic adventures together, all on the vast planet of the Realm. I think I should write about some of our adventures :) I try to tone down the savagery and blood for general view.


TechnoBabe said...

Thank you for toning down the savagery and blood. Smile. It is fun to write the stories blowing around in ones head, isn't it? I can tell you like to write.

Casey Freeland said...

See, TB, supporting Braja's post right there. A violent guy, expressing that violence, hurting no one.

Write your stories Shadow. I'd love to read them.


Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Oooooo I have two loyal fans already! The rest must have no truck with fantasy setting.

Never mind. I am here to amuse myself. :)

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