UPDATE!!!!!!!! Sex and the Banana Tree. (It's Hot!)

Read the previous entry. I promised a follow up, updates to this scandal that might destroy the immediate future of two seemingly innocent lovers. (Sorry, can't help it). 

So this morning, before the assembly, the Vice Principal of Student Affair told me to get to the boy and start digging the dirt. "Ve must know Everything! Go get him mien Inquisitor!" "Yes, Fuhrer!"

So I called the boy to the torture chamber counseling room, and after shooing out the REAL counselor out of it, I began the interrogation, torturing, questioning the suspect innocent boy.

I always have ways to make people talk, if I put my mind into it. No need thumbscrews or the iron maiden here. My nick name 'Silvertongue' should ring the bell in your head. (Yes yes yes, I may be a bigoted, crazy and arrogant son-of-a-bi***, but to gain confidence in another is quite easy if they heard my voice. And I am quite cute too! Ha ha ha ha).

So as the late Michael Jackson a.k.a. Mikail said before he kicked the bucket; THIS IS IT!

The boy admitted that the girl dragged him into the bushes.
The boy admitted that they were in the state of undress when caught.
The boy admitted every situation described by my (various and reliable) informers who witnessed their inappropriate deeds in and out of school. (Hanky panky, kissing etc) Softcore :P  
He is very sorry. He is SO SORRY. He wouldn't do it again.

But that's not it....

I dropped the bomb at last.... "Tell me, truthfully. Have you ever had sex with the girl?"
And after quite sometime, after gazing into two fathomless dark pools (i.e. my eyes, I took off my spectacles for maximum effect of truth-finding) he said, "Yes."

This is a revelation (when some of you said what's the big deal about it). You see, when they were caught 2 weeks ago, both vehemently denied doing more than hugging and kissing  in that selected grove of banana trees. They were questioned by the primier Discipline teacher (i.e. not me) who is known for her harsher methods. I got better results and the truth by not even rising my voice, in a chat-like way (Take that, ol biddy!)

He got misty eyed then. I asked them how many times you both had it. Twice. Same place? Yes.
Goodness gracious, are you stupid! If I wanna have fun, at least I find a more covered up and safer place than in some errand bushes.

Who took the initiative? The girl. Really, not you? She forced me both times. Oi, this can be called rape. But you were raped by a girl!! The shame. He smiled at this.

Why didn't you push away? He was quiet.

I already know the answer. He might not volunteer for the act, but fun is fun.

As the Malay proverb goes; A crocodile will never turn away a fresh carcass.

more to come soon....

p.s. - I feel like a Gestapo all the time in that room. Slimy and evil. Rest assured people, I never tortured the boy to get my information. He even kissed my hand before he left the room!


Rock Chef said...

Being a force for good does not always feel good :-(

Ampivia Iezan Woods said...

of all the time im waiting for what happen next from,now-after this;i dunt wanna read about this again.

its too painfull to accept the fact they're too advance,somethg even me and my guy(the adults)didnt even dare to do.

berbalik pada IMAN la kan..?

praying for the best..

TechnoBabe said...

He told you the truth, good for him.

Eveline said...

*sigh of relief* Thank god this post is over. Being responsible for kids is a never ending state of worry, I swear...that's something I'd never want to trade my single life for.

I salute you for your calmness in the situation.

brocasarea said...

why the hell wil he deny when offered??:P

brocasarea said...

but i pity him...this may ruin his academic career..

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