Appaloosa And Sex

I don't watch tv much nowadays because I am simply disgusted with the many soap operas and silly programmes which are aired. Seriously, I can feel my IQ slipping whenever I 'accidentally' watched some local drama on the telly. These are the garbage programmes which have no intellectual values and useful information whatsoever. [Most are about struggling love, pretentious power hungry people or just the endless drama of one particular family. SAME OLD SAME OLD]. No wonder many people are so zombie-like; they are programmed to be stupid by the broadcast.

And then you might point your accusing finger at me; What about the movies you watch at the cinema? Well, that is not a useless investment for me. I greatly learn English (good, bad, and even the naughty) from the movies. I get to see different places, real or fabricated. Movies now are so advanced, we can see some technologies that we can only imagine in our wildest dream work (my fav; red crystal light sabers).

And sometimes I refer to a specific movie or two for Scientific examples. Eg; the nuclear submarine scene in Pierce Brosnan's The World Is Not Enough - harnessing nuclear power in Physics. The huge radioactive monster in Godzilla - mutation in cells by radiation. Why you cannot kick a wall down, but Superman can - force and motion. I think I am the only teacher in school who use such examples in class...

Anyway, after watching Watchmen on dvd last night (nice thoughtful action movie, fabulous casts), I watched the cowboy flick by Ed Harris, Appaloosa. It was different, it was strange and it was full of sex. Not graphic, just the heavy tint of sex, and its consequences. (Renee Zellweger as Miss French; the trollop @ unsatiated bitch @ respected hooker. Ed Harris as Virgil Cole, the peacemaker who fell in love with the aforementioned trollop). I think Viggo Mortensen potrayal as Everett Hitch was very cool. We should have more cowboy films like this, but hold the sex please. If I want sex, I'd better watch porn. (Anyway, if I had an unfaithful lover like Miss French, I'd blew her brains out the first chance I get, which never happen in the movie).

Oh and I watched G.I. Joe two days ago. It was fun, but very chaotic. The plot did not matter much when you only wanna see the action. Oh and as you might have guessed, I rooted for C.O.B.R.A. when I was very young too.


TechnoBabe said...

It is great to read this post. I so agree with you about the TV. I haven't watched TV for four years and it has been the best thing for me. I cannot speak for others, just for myself. But the TV was a waste of my time and my life has been enriched tremendously by eliminating the TV. Yes, some movies are fun to watch, there is some entertainment value in some movies. And I can understand that the movies help you with your English. My hat is off to you.

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; Always looking forward for new movies to watch. You should understand because I watch less tv nowadays.

I have boxes of dvds of the movies I fancied. Now I have a wider flatscreen tv, I need to buy better quality movie dvds.

Spencer L Casey said...

I think our favorite western of all will always be Tombstone. It's one of "our" movies, the ones we can quote to nauseating levels, the ones we've seen fifty or more times, the ones we'll watch when we are deeerunk. If you haven't seen it, see it. You'll love it. And not too much sex... although some beautiful women.

Great post, thanks.


Shadowthorne said...

SLC; Ooooooooooo you mean the movie with Kurt Russel and Val Kilmer in it? Loved that one too, mainly because of the killings, heh heh heh.

Its going to be the end of cowboy movies soon, I think.

Spencer L Casey said...

That's the one.

"I'm your huckleberry."

Oh, man, that scene. So many scenes. So good.

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