A Little Bit Of Persuasion Goes A Long Way, eh SLC?

Secret pond. Legacy of my late father. There are huge and ancient cat-fishes within.

Driveway from the gate to my house (left). About 80 metres long.

To my mom's secret garden. I have nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Scene from the front gate. The biggest house in the county, and will be bigger still. Our neighbour is a millionaire.

View of the front. There used to be a grassy lawn.


Spencer L Casey said...

I love your home! The pond is the absolute best. How can you not become a magic man with a childhood around those waters? Secret garden as well. What fun! Reminds me of my home growing up.

Thanks for playing along. I'm going to send some folks your way, if you don't mind. hehe



Shadowthorne said...

SLC; Send away then. Make them endless if you can.

Tenchi said...

Its the same house i visited last time?

Aizan Suhaira said...

Uhhhh.... is there a reason you posted the pics? Are you hinting at something?

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; Yes, same house. Only looks different.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Somebody (SLC actually) asked me to snap a few pictures around my crib. No hinting of any degree at all. What's the hint anyway? I am confused.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I am confused as well.

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