What I Did Today (10.30 am to 4.15 pm)

1. Persuaded a friend to accompany me to the city. I live in a town. Main objective was to pay my car loan.

2. Arrived at Tesco, the appointed place and was vexed to know friend at a workshop, trouble with car (via my aforementioned LG handphone).

3. Fetched friend from workshop and stopped by a familiar pet store, and bought 10 kg of Iam's Premium Kitten Kibbles (for Kiki and Kaos, and of course the coming new unnamed ferret).

4. My friend lost a valuable keychain (which I lovingly displayed on the dashboard) right in the damn car! The great MYSTERY was, it was still missing, even after we turned the car inside out. My temper was flaring high then.

5. Paid the extravagant car loan at a cash deposit machine. Paid my post-paid at a Maxis centre. Feeling so drained of blood a.k.a. money.

6. Bought two tickets to watch the animation 'UP'. It was different, very unique and quite good. There were so many impossibilities of Physics (the Teacher within), yet what you expect from a Walt Disney?

7. Went to a major mall to gawk at more Transformers toys. Visited another posh pet store and had a go with some doggie-carrier bags (for the ferrets). But decided against it because my ferret(s) are so destructive in nature :) Awwwww..... cute evil bugger(s).

8. My friend bought a new keychain, not as good as the one he lost, but the same price tag. The vengeful Darklord was appeased.

9. Last visit, a real Japanese thrift shop. We were so excited. The Japanese knew how to fill in those little unnecessary gaps in life with cute and practical gadgets! In love with the shop, will come again soon. Bought a huge plastic case as my new pencil box there.

10. Return back home, after dumping friend by his stricken car, now repaired. Nobody at home. Sleep.

p.s. - the painting above is 'Lady with an Ermine' by Leonardo Da Vinci (1489). The ermine is actually a close cousin to the ferret. :) I always remember this painting because it introduced me to ferrets (and the passion to search and finally have them).


Tenchi said...

by today...my salary also shrink more than 50% to loans and bills...haihh

end of week need to send car for service...

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; We are slaves to our own needs. :)

Spencer L Casey said...

I have always, always loved gadgets, small windy things, little things with little buttons that whirr and whistle and bounce and boing. And if they are also practical, I can justify the purchase! That shop is right up my ally.

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; It was a new experience, yes. I love that weird shop. Ha ha ha!

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