Deceptive, Impolite and Vicious Buggers

I was referring to the youngsters today, mainly from what I see in my own students. OK ok, the number of said people is miniscule but as the saying goes, a drop of ink paints the whole glass of water black.

These are the hardcore students. They refuse to hand in homeworks and assignments. Never pay attention in class. Sowing discord and chaos among peer. Encouraging others to follow them suit. Sometimes I GREATLY pity the parents of such children. I believe that the fates of parents and their children are intertwined. If the child did badly, the family would suffer the consequences. This I preached almost on a daily basis in class. Yet somehow, some people would never care less.

I believe in public and corporal punishment in school. But UNFORTUNATELY the World believe that the brutal way to shape discipline is unjust and redundant. So, when a teacher is unable to control his / her students, he / she is in hot soup. Not every teacher can inspire respect and love from students. Teachers are human too, with flaws and minds of their own. A person like me can never have the everlasting love of my students, but I KNOW I will be remembered till their dying days (from the way I teach)... Yes, the kind of teacher you always remember and told your sons, daughters and grandchildren about.

The teachers of ancient times got it too easy. Students SEEK them for knowledge and the transfer of wisdom is much easier when the students are very willing to study (the reason they seek the teacher in the first place). This millennia, its the other way around, youngsters are not interested much to gain knowledge and the teachers must push hard to make better people of reluctant individuals. I blame materialistic wealth and the easy life we have now. No pain, no gain. They never feel any hardship, so they never try harder to gain more.

Isn't it CRUELTY to force knowledge down the throats of the unwilling? Yes or No.

If I was the Prime Minister, I'd make school NOT compulsory. So the lazy useless bums can stay at home and the real future builders of our nation can study in peace. There is a highway to Hell and it is paved by the no desire to improve oneself.


Aizan Suhaira said...

I agree students nowadays are spoilt, lazy bastards who'd be better off cleaning my apartment for a living.

Unfortunately, the parents of the lazy bastards made them that way. The spoil the kids way too much.

And I believe in corporal punishment. If it's not for corporal punishment, I won't be where I am today. Mwahahahahahaha...

Spencer L Casey said...

Good argument for the cast system. :) There are some really good students out there though, Mr. Teacher-Man. You may not have any of them, though. And if I remember correctly your students come from wealthy families. That doesn't help. Good luck. Try using humor maybe? No idea.



Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Did you smirk and ask your cleaner if she was a juvenile case in school? :)

Yes, the world DO need more cleaners and people to do the dirty jobs.

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; Oh no, they do come from all sort of life. But believe it or not, the one who comes from middle and lower classes are more troublesome. I believe something was wrong at home. The parents might not even care about their children progress at school. And the little devils pretended to be holy angels at home, much to my chagrin.

TechnoBabe said...

I cannot imagine the frustration of being a teacher and giving so much of yourself only to have your efforts blown off by students as you describe.They are fortunate to have you making the decision to continue to teach so you can reach the ones who want to learn.

Shadowthorne said...

Technobabe; I am doing this because I love teaching, and bloody good at it too. It really leave a huge question mark; why are these young people do the things they are doing?

Sometimes I feel, no matter how advanced the world now is, we are actually backtracking to the Dark Ages.

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