Of Facemasks and Poor Innocent Pigs

I should've touched this topic a long time ago.... but you know what? YOU guys made me do this. NONE of you (at least that I am aware of) had touched about the H1N1 devastation in your blogs. So as a morbid explorer of things not-very-nice, here we go again...

Months ago when the first outbreak of the virus in Mexico, the rest of the world was in total indifference, including truly yours. "Oh, it is so far away. Good luck for you Mexicans and serve you right for eating pork."

And now, H1N1 has came knocking on the front door, with a few fatalities so very near to my workplace!! The horror! The dread! The revulsion! (not)

And as usual, during a crisis, some people are so quick to make a few extra bucks. The price of facemasks sky-rockets to 500%. I say this is one of the evil in capitalism. I never wear a facemask myself, because (*snigger*) it make people look like invading amateur ninjas. And I loaded up myself with vitamins and garlic to avoid getting sick. And successfull for now at least.

The new urban legend; You eat pork, you get the virus. Even if it starts with the pigs, the H1N1 virus does not widely spread with our porchine friends. People spread the virus - I taught all my students, so don't blame the pigs. People got into aeroplanes and buses and irresponsibly sneezed / coughed in public, spreading the virus at an alarming rate. So imagine the travel plans for the virus, from Mexico to your very own neighbourhood... It's very global minded :)

And why oh why when I see people from abroad in tv, most are still not wearing facemasks? Are Caucasians (excuse me if I am wrong) immune to the said virus? This I-don't-care-attitude is the main ingredient for the world wide spread.

And come to think of it, the spread of the virus reminds me of the RESIDENT EVIL series (in films and games) where people turns to zombies by a virus. It's Umbrella Corporation fault again :)

p.s. - and this pic is of some female teachers in school wearing masks. They are not going to thank me doing this, but hell, they never monitor my blog anyway. :)


TechnoBabe said...

The picture is of co-workers who teach where you teach? When the WHO first warned of the spread of the flu epidemic, people took it seriously. But because it was slow to spread to other countries, people's short attention spans took over and they forgot about it. So people continued to travel and carry and spread the nastiness.

Tenchi said...

Some of the people i knew had pass away because of H1N1...

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; Yes, the three women are my co-workers. They knew what I was about to do with this pic. :)

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; Who died? Your patients?

Tenchi said...

One of my caterer who supply us food when meeting and function in hospital.

SSQuo said...

Restaurants stopped making the glazed ribs! Oh what a dissapointment, i seriously wanted to send them a note on how the flu was really transmitted so that I could munch into my piggie.

I am not Caucasian, but yes no one is wearing masks here (contrary to the scene in Bkok!!!), perhaps it messes their lipstick!

How have you been Shadow?? :) Good to be back.

Shadowthorne said...

SSQuo; I am well, with fewer blog readers now. *sniff*

And well, like I told the rest of the world, you and food cannot be parted. :)

Spencer L Casey said...

When it's not in the news (which it's not so much in the U.S. these days) folks forget about it. There have been 2, maybe 3 deaths in our country out of 350 million people, and while any deaths are significant regarding a new virus, that's not enough to get the general public riled.


Shadowthorne said...

SLC; Two or three deaths?!! REALLY? Here the count was now above 65! People are dying everywhere.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I am one of those nonchalant ones. I go out and about not wearing a face mask. But then again, I don't go out and cough and sneeze either.

Perfectly healthy am I.

However, let it be known that I carry a hand sanitizer at all times.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; The dark forces have no time to be sick, eh? Too busy to dominate the known world.

Wah, so 'makcik' you ni. Ha ha ha ha ha! Kaya lah Pakcik Dettol and Makcik Life Buoy tu. :)

Spencer L Casey said...

Well it's not in the headlines, that's for certain. The number has gone way up in the last three weeks, I just looked it up. According to the article I read, deaths from the flu are estimated at 30 to 40 thousand a year and the swine flu could increase that number to 90 thousand. (In the U.S.)
The U.S. has lost about 300 so far.
So sad.
And pregnant women are more likely to get it from what the article said. 1% of the U.S. population is pregnant and 6% of the deaths in the U.S. have been pregnant women.

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