This Is A Very Bad Week For My Finance

1. I lost the USB cable for my LG handphone, so need to buy the damn stuff soon. Somebody had stolen it from me, my own household. Who the hell has LG phone other than me?!

2. My crystal bracelets need new elastics. Though the strings are cheap, I have many bracelets.

3. Severely over-budget by the PS3 maintenance. Next time, will patronize other shops.

4. Have only RM 10 in wallet. Though pay day is only a few days away, this cramped my style seriously. Have more cash in coins, but too heavy to carry around.

5. Health insurance had cut twice the amount this month from pay. And I am always so healthy all the time!! Felt cheated.

6. Some students and a few significant others whined for handphone top-up credits and I obliged because I have plans to dominate their future. Which is ok.


Aizan Suhaira said...

1. Nobody stole it. It was misplaced. By you.

2. You wear crystal bracelets? That's so.... un-evil.

3. Yes, yes. Keep your options open.

4. Convert coins to paper money at your neighbourhood sundry shop. They'd love it.

5. Ohhhh.. I'd never part with my money for top-ups. Especially other people's top-ups. Mwahahahahahaa....

Shadowthorne said...

1. Somebody did. It was always next to my laptop because I never use it elsewhere.

2. You should be ashamed of yourself. Are you aware of the Sith crystal holocrons?

3. ...

4. I am quite attached to my collection of coins (in a cute teddy bear plastic bank).

5. Investment for the future. I will reap the rewards later, and with interests. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Spencer L Casey said...

When it rains, it pours... not just a catchy Morton's Salt slogan. It seems like when we get hit with money stuff, it always happens at once, and almost always when we are very thin on dollars.

I have to agree with Aizan though. Why would that be the only thing stolen from inside your home? Unless it was a rat or something.



Shadowthorne said...

SLC; My house does not have rats!! We used to have cute mice and cockroaches but now the geckos had taken over. SERIOUSLY. Ever seen a gecko licking leftovers and plates from the table?

Reptile infestation.

Tenchi said...

1. Maybe your ferret chew it as noodle.

2. Mean you grow fatter?

3. Be a good consumer.

4. My situation more worst than you...have only RM30 without any coins left.

5. Health insurance...autodebit my bank account like blood sucker.

6. I used post paid so no need to worry about top-up...

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