I Love Candy!

Watched 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' on dvd last night. Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka is both funny and a bit creepy. When I first saw the film years ago, I thought the chocolatier was going to kill the children one by one, from the way Mr Wonka glanced at them. And then I remembered that the film was based on a popular children book. My hopes of watching little children torn from limb to limb was dashed.

Oh well.

Anyway, my point is, after watching the delicious display of chocolates in the movie (I think a waterfall of chocolate is so posh!) I felt the urge to sink my teeth into a chocolate bar. But it was 10.30 pm! What to do?!! Fortunately a 7-11 is not far away and I drove (yes, adding air and sound pollution in the process) my car even though my bicycle was begging me to use it.

I bought a bar of chocolate milk, mainly because I hate nuts or raisins in any candy I eat. Went back and ate the bar standing in the kitchen. The RICHNESS. The AROMA. The STICKINESS (it was melting in heat of my loving grasp).

But the SWEETNESS got into me. Too bloody sweet. So I put the other uneaten half into the fridge for later consumption. Hope my mom didn't find it. She always take my candy and give it to my younger brother for 'my very own health'.


Spencer L Casey said...

Oh, yeah, that waterfall is too much. If it's too sweet try freezing it. Takes the edge off.

Shadowthorne said...

SLC; Cavity on a stick!

Aizan Suhaira said...

I LOVED the oompa loompas :)

Anonymous said...

kiki mish kuku~~~~~

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Oompa loompas and their singing performance!

Shadowthorne said...

Kuku malu.

TechnoBabe said...

If I eat candy especially chocolate, I can only eat a tiny bite. It is way toooooooo much sugar for me. Hubby says I am already sweet enough all by myself. Smile.

Shadowthorne said...

TechnoBabe; Awwww.... :)
And as for me, too much sugar can spoil the little kid within and damage the older man without.

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