The 2nd Night at The Museum and The Things that Can Make You Puke

How nice it is to be a popular teacher... Erm yesterday a couple of last year students asked me out on a movie-and-dinner-date (ok ok, both are boys) to celebrate the belated Teacher's Day (I still have a few presents on my desk from slow-coaches). We went to watch 'Night at The Museum 2'.

I wanted to watch 'Aliens Vs Monsters' at first but the show was only at midnight and as an (grudgingly) understanding person, I settled for second best - Museum. (I watched X-Men, Star Trek, Push, and Angels & Demons already).

Let's see... the movie was ok. Bigger than ever, with new casts and more action. It would draw chuckles and grins but never out-loud laughs. I fondly remembers the banter between Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria) and Ben Stiller regarding hostage exchange - its a classic playground quarrel. :) And what's so terrible about Ivan? He said he was actually Ivan the 'Awesome'. Mwa ha ha ha!

But really. They can do even better than this. I'm not rushing to buy a dvd of this, meaning it's not a memorable movie to share with my grandchildren. Ha!

Anyway after the movie we went to the Chicken Rice Shop for dinner. It was rather cute to see my students excusing themself 'to do something' before entering the eatery. I knew they wanted to go to the ATM and furiously culculating the cost after looking at the menu. *Evil grin*

So we had our dinner with me GRACIOUSLY not ordering extravagantly, even though I obviously not going to pay for anything. And here it comes lads...

I found a very long strand of hair in my fav dish - kailan in oyster sauce. We sent it back for a new plate. Oh and wait.... my student found a rather large ant in his ice-lemon tea drink. We also sent this back with the waiter apologizing profusely. And all bad things must come in threes.... My OTHER student found an eyelash on his plate while he was almost finished.

Wow. I am not a fussy eater but I imagine some people just cannot tolerate these abuses. I remembered being a health-inspector during my practical - and I personally closed several eating shops MERCILESSLY because of their bad hygiene (and maybe I was a brutal bugger). Well, it's something to remember and as a cutting repartee before departing to the cashier - "You guys must have some hairfall disease in the kitchen to serve us such delicacy. Don't do this again. Some people can use this to sue you."

Hope you guys have a swell weekend - free of any hair in your meals.

The 'hairy' meal finished. See? Waste not, want not.


Farah Aiman said...

you must be a cool person kalau students nak keluar ngan you ;D BETUL TAK?

Shadowthorne said...

Farah; Heh, of course la.

Vyazz said...

Ewww...hair and ants in your food!! I once had a maggot in my sizzler when I once ate in a rather swanky hotel!! The head chef apologized profusely and the dinner was thus on the house!!! :)

SSQuo said...

Arrgh! That leaves a bad taste...but looking at your plates it seems like it was delish!

The kids took you out, thats awful nice. :) I have had a baby roach one time, we sent it back. I havent gone back since, Ive gone to other locations (its a chain), I know its just a mental thing. It's not like roaches dont walk!

It seems like your Teachers Day Celebration is just continuing and continuing. So, now that these two fellas took you out, are they spared your wrath??

Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz; Maggots... well that reminds me of the nostalgic food in my boarding school. We had maggots crawling out of the ketchup bottles.

SSQuo; These are nice obedient boys when studying under me. I was never angry with them. The naughty and disobedient ones should treat me in swanky hotels (free of maggots of course).

ying_ko_4 said...

I would've at the very least tried to get free meals for the unexpected "treats" in my food.

It happened at an Applebee's some years ago. I found hair in my food, and management not only bought the meal, gave me a free desert, but offered me a coupon for my next visit.

et said...

Why left us with the foto of finished meal?! I'm already hungry here and mamma is just getting ready to prepare the meal! :@

Shadowthorne said...

ying_ko_4; I try not to ruin people's life. And it was supposed to be an enjoyable meal, not sue-your-waiter-Happy Meal. :)

et; aiye, why don't you cook the meal yourself?

Inkpot said...

Monsters v aliens is good. Story wise it is ok but the 3d is brilliant.

Your hairy meal reminds me of a drama weekend I went to a few years ago. We were put up in a hotel and we all went down to the restaurant for our evening meal. There as only one waiter and as he brought out each course he left he dirty dishes piling up on the table. The person sitting beside me was just about to tuck into her meal when she saw a long, thick black hair across her food. None of us ate anything after that. It was funny though.

Anonymous said...

Great sharing this.

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