I broke Pandemonium's water bottle as I was moving his cage out for cleaning this afternoon.

And my ferret said,"Why did you do that for?" (so CUTE!!!!)

Sorry sorry sorry 10 000 times. And I stole my cat, Kiki's food and water dispenser and put it into Pandy's cage.

"Hoi! That's MINE!!!" Kiki screamed and hissed her displeasure.

Ok ok, don't lose your fur yet. So I grudgingly took out the big brand new water and food dispenser (I saved for my new house) and put the gadget inside Kiki's cage.

All the while....

"Ooooo... lookie! I have a small swimming pool!" said Pandy, who never had a water dish before.

If he snorkels in there tonight, I'll buy him a proper water bottle tomorrow...


et said...

Aww... lovvvd the imaginary conversation of your little friends! Or do they talk?! errrr.. :D

But is a swimming pool really good for your li'll ferret? :|

SSQuo said...



I see a series in the making -

The Adventures of Pandy and Kiki

Shadowthorne said...

et; They do talk if you can interpret the cute faces when they are watching you. Ferrets and cats do look at us at our faces. :)

SSQuo; It's a swell idea. But I don't know if I am joyous enough to create a funny series. I am more of a dark side of a person.

SSQuo said...

Who says the Adventures can't be about their journeys (or your interpretation) into the dark side of life???

Shadowthorne said...

You evil girl you! Cute animals are not meant to join the dark side of the Force, ok! :)

Inkpot said...

Me thinks you prefer Pandy to Kiki. :) I don't see why cute animals can't have dark adventures. Sounds good to me.

Shadowthorne said...

Inky! You are ALIVE!!! Cute animals are meant to end as stuffed animals. :)

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