Star Trekking and "15 kg Iam's Premium Cat Food for RM 193!!"

Oh ok I don't need to shout my pet's purchase aloud but it is really a bargain. My cat, Kiki and her distant cousin, Pandemonium (ferret) literally live on kibble, so I say why not buy their food in bulk (ok, a HUGE bulk). And Kiki is copiously shedding her fur and I am afraid she might not be eating right. Anyway, my Pandy has no objection and eat everything I plunk in his bowl. Buying a superior quality food is an investment I can afford. After all, it's for the two lovely furballs who made me happy on a daily basis.

Ok, enough about cat food... I watched Star Trek with a friend today and it wasn't that awesome, just good (meaning you can watch it and do not feel cheated afterwards). I was not a fan of the series but I did watch the previous movies (on Dvds) and this latest film is much much better. Expect a lot of space explosion and warping ships. USS Enterprise is indeed a wonderful ship, eventhough some scenes on the ship were OBVIOUSLY shot in some renovated warehouses. And I never knew the Vulcan, Spock has feelings for women!!

After the movie and a meal of chicken rice broth (because I was still feeling poorly) I visited my friend's home to check on Keru. Yes, Araphone I Kakeru @ Keru, the American Curl cat I gave my friend to take care when Pandemonium (ferret) newly arrived last April. Hope you guys still remember her. And I was mightily surprised to see that former cat of mine.

She was HUGE and BEAUTIFUL!!! I accused my friend for feeding her expensive kibble but my friend said he got not enough money like me (pointedly reminding me about the 15 kg premium cat food in my car boot). "Over my dead body," my friend told me when I expressed the desire to get Keru back. Well, at least I try. And she is even bigger than Kiki now. Look at her.
Glad she found someone who cares for her as well as I do. *sniff*


Aizan Suhaira said...

Spreading the flu around in the cinema now, are we? I expect nothing less from the Dark Lord.

And yes the cat looks lovely and although I'm not into pets I reckon RM193 for 15kg worth of pet/catfood is quite a decent bargain.

About the movie. I've never ever been a Star Trek fan. When the series were on I switched to another channel. Something about the characters and the storyline irk me.

Give me Star Wars any day!

Dunes was cool too.

drNO said...

Hmm..why is Keru looks lovely and healthier now, when she has a new owner.
p.s.-read between the lines...may be it's u. hahhahah
haven't watched Startrek. but i watched wolverine yesterday. It was good but not that great like people been saying. It's not fulfilling enough. They r something amiss.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Wow, only you can think such a dastardly plot o Duchess of Evil. It never occur to me to spread biological germ to the masses. I'll jot that down in my evil black book for future reference.

Of course Star Wars rule! I watched Star Trek because there is nothing else to watch. :)

drNO; Who? ME? I am the epitome of kindness and lover-of-all-cute-animals. Or maybe she has no exercise, thus the very fat body...

Wolverine sucks! His claws look like plastic!! I just hate the fact they spent millions of dollar to do the film but the cgi still look like crap. That's the missing part if you ask me.

Inkpot said...

Keru! I'm so glad you went to visit her and I am happy she is so well looked after. She looks wonderful! Is she any friendlier than before? It must have been hard seeing her though, I can understand why you wanted her back. :)

Would you recommend Star Trek? I am a fan of the series (and of Star Wars, don't understand why people think you can't be a fan of both) and I haven't been impressed by what I've seen of the trailers.

Saw Wolverine yesterday. You never said it was a comedy. I laughed all the way through it. It was the stupidest thing.

Shadowthorne said...

You saw Wolverine and laugh? Well, you don't take your hero-worship seriously then (because I adore the X-Men). I cannot laugh because the film irked me, it was not good enough and I CAN do better if I was the director.

Star Trek is kind of good. And you can laugh louder because there would be whole planets destroyed. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Inkpot said...

I can see why you didn't laugh Shadow. I don't love the X-Men enough for the travesty to get to me. To say you could make a better film isn't giving your artistic talents justice. A blind chimp could make a better film. You could make a SUPER X-Men movie.

Vyazz said...

Ur friends cat (and ur ex??)..does look pretty well fed and content. hehe..
Did she recognize u when u went to her, or was she like totally into her new owner??
Btw...haven't watched star trek...jus like u I'm more of a star wars fan...downloaded the entire series!!!

Shadowthorne said...

Inky; I'd make SUPER X-Men Versus Power Rangers movie if I can. :)

Vyazz; Yes, she is my ex-cat, I gave her to my friend. She does not recognize me anymore, which is ok with me.

et said...

Wow your ex-kitty looks so cute. reminds me of my ex-dead-kitty*sign* I miss cats! :(

And she doesn't recognise you? i think cats are supposed to have all this magnetic sensing technologies in them which actually allows them to remember us for long..dunno!

Shadowthorne said...

et; I gave her away ok! So I understand if she hates me for it. :)

Why don't you get another cat?

Tenchi said...

Just watch Xmen...ok la...i did have a good laugh...next Wednesday is Star Trek

et said...

@ shadow
i have no more time to fight with my parents over that and spend combing my kitty. When i have one, i want to give it absolute care!!

SSQuo said...

Firstly: Why are you going to movies if you are unwell???

Secondly: Keru is back! So nice to see her if only from pics taken on a visit.

I am very happy she is with someone who loves her, and I am sure at the end of the day that's all you want too.

Shadowthorne said...

et; go get yourself a gorgeous kitty when you have the time and money soon!

SSQuo; I'd crawl to the cinema if I have to. It's the principle.

Yes, she sends her regards to those who remember her.

ying-ko-4 said...

We saw Star Trek this Saturday past and really enjoyed it. I admit to enjoying Star Trek more than Star Wars, but that's just me. I have most of the Star Wars films, all the Film Scores and enjoy them.

I like and have no problem with the small changes made in Star Trek.

The reviews for Wolverine have been so poor, I'll wait to watch it at home...

Shadowthorne said...

Wolverine Origins is almost a joke. It really vex me because they CAN do better.

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