Of e-Books and Real Books

Many blogs that I am following now mentioned about books and of course about what to do with them - read. Books come in many types, size and volumes. I love books and most of the books I had during my secondary school were stolen from friends and the library. Ok, I am someone who admits his wrong-doings because it is the manly thing to do. What's wrong to acquire the books nobody read? (or in my friends case, they finished reading and then just put them under their desk).

I read and hear about e-books and free digital books online with envy. I love good books, but I love FREE books better. I have three bookcases full of books (stolen and honestly acquired) at home and there is no more space for new books.

But seriously, a good book is like your best friend. It keeps you company and amuses you.

Erm... I was looking for this particular book; Ferrets For Dummies - which is said to be the best and most popular ferret book in the market. I REALLY want this book.  
But OF COURSE this book cannot be found anywhere in ol Malacca town, heck, even Borders and the great Kinokuniya of KL! I was angry, I was lost, I almost gave up.

And then I remembered my favourite past time a long time ago before I terminated my internet-line service. Downloading video torrents... yes, stealing from the net and then sharing them with the world - ONLINE PIRACY. Well, last night I try searching for this ferret book torrent and voila! There are many of them online, free for the taking - the full version.

It took me less than 5 minutes to download, and I was happily reading the 400 odd pages (using Acrobat) moments later. Why oh why I didn't do this earlier? Silly me.

But I still prefer real books than e-books. You can touch the pages, riffle through it, thumb the pages, smell the paper and even throw it away if it contains crap. It's too much a hassle to scroll the digital pages and change the size view for a comfortable read.

Ok, I pledge never to use the power of internet piracy to download books I don't really want. (You believe me?)

Which do you prefer? Digital or paper? 


Tenchi said...

I very sure i like the traditional books...i also have 3 book case full of books...next entry i will post the photo of my book collection

Inkpot said...

I have an ereader on my phone and I read books on it when I am waiting for the bus, etc. The screen isn't too bad and the scrolling functions are well done.

However, nothing will ever replace the paper and ink book for me. There is something about holding it in your hands, hearing the rustle of the pages and smeling the ink that cannot be equalled or bettered imo. Books connect with you on (almost) all the senses. Also, I want bookshelves full of books with my name on the spine. Doesn't look as good when your books are on an ereader.

Shadowthorne, I got a shock when I came on your blog today and saw a shiny white background. What happened? Are you no longer evil? ;)

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; Please do that. :)

Inky; Glad you are still alive and non-eaten.

Nope I am still as evil as I can be. People who use white cannot be evil? Think of Saruman for a bit. Maybe we just trying to attack from another corner. :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

Definitely paper. There's something about feeling the book in your hands and smelling the sweet combination of paper and ink that just make reading more enjoyable.

Besides, I spend the whole day with my eyes glued to the monitor. I'd prefer my leisurely reading to be of the traditional kind.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Do you ever have the need to use glasses? So much time staring at a computer screen is bad for the eyes.

Anonymous said...

I've thought about getting a Kindle, as that seems like a nifty device. But I prefer a solid book as opposed to ones and zeroes....

Shadowthorne said...

ying_ko_4; ... a Kindle. Damn, I wish I have one. But if I have to pay for the books it downloads, I think I'll pass. I prefer to steal if I can. :)

Vyazz said...

Personally, I am not the lest bit fond of e books, coz I really like the feel of good ol' fashioned books. But these days since some books are hard to come by, I suppose they are a decent option.
Even I downloaded the entire collection of Tintin, Asterix and Calvin and Hobbes, from the torrent sites!!! Wuz nice to reminisce bout them!! :)

SSQuo said...

I am waiting for a delayed flight!!! So figured I should catch up on reading! I haven't tried the ebooks am a bit too hooked on the paper versions. I do care about the environment but I guess not enough...I'll compensate elsewhere. I was intrigued by the kindle but I think I'm over it...for now.
So war tidbit did you learn from your new ferret book, oh and are you a dummy??;)

Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz; oooo I'll try to find copies of Calvin n Hobbes and TinTin too. (Used to steal the comics too) Mwa ha ha ha ha!

SSQUo; Where are you going? And yes, sometimes a Darklord do admit he knows nil about something, and gets / steals a Dummy. Knowledge is power after all. Just wait for 'Dummies for World Dominating Psychopaths' to be published. :)

et said...

Aww.. no! e-books are boring! I've downloaded a whole bunch of e-books here, of which i havn't read more than 10 pages.. Way too time on the computer! Paper is the best!

Shadowthorne said...

et; True. I tried reading the Dummy book I downloaded to the last page, but it was somehow different... I prefer real books too.

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