The Adventures of Kiki and Pandy 1

"Oi, me don like teh name u gave. It got 'Demon' in teh middle," Pandemonium told me as I was filling his food dish.

"But I like that name. A very macho name for a very manly ferret."

"Sheesh youse guys. Nobody in this age is named Pandemonium. It is a name for a place in Hell," Kiki the educated cat yawned behind me. She and Pandy shared kibbles and she hates it.

"See! See! Me don wanna go to hell! Gimme a new name," my ferret nosed the expensive kibble I poured for him.

"Okay. We'll see what I can think of.... would you like your old name back? Lawrence?"

"OH PLEAZEEEEEEEE! Me sound like a sissy civet with a name like that."

"I think I am going to throw up a hairball hearing all this machismo," Kiki left the room.

                                                  Kiki playing dead and bored under the couch.


Aizan Suhaira said...

Pandy roled his eyes at Kiki and ate the arrogant little cat's portion of kibble with glee.

"Something tells me there's gonna be trouble," murmurs Mr. Mambang under his breath.

"...I'm going to like this."

Vyazz said...

Hehee....I like Pandy...Its a real cool name!!!!
Will ask you for inspiration wen I get to buy a dog!!!
Btw....whats with the new template design??
Bored of black??

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Fortunately I have a huge amount of kibbles to spare. They like it and do show improvements in health and fur.

Vyazz; Pandemonium IS a cool name, but somehow I think he hates the nick 'Pandy'.

Sometimes a Dark Lord needs to do a little experiment with colours. Well a little domestic decorating does not hurt the soul.

SSQuo said...

haha, I like this. See I told you the Adventures will be sooo much fun, besides whats better than personifying things! It creeps people out, or they think you are crazy - how fun! I love it. :)

I love the observation of 'Demon' in his name.

Shadowthorne said...

SSQuo; I am creepy. So creepiness suits me ok.

et said...

Aww u noticed the 'demon' in there. Great fun with Pandy!
U shud continue the adventure series once a week! Or twice!

Shadowthorne said...

et; I will keep the show running for you guys. :)

Inkpot said...

I love it! And what a cute photo to illustrate it. I think Pandy is going to go in search of a new name. Can't wait to read what he finds. :)

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