The Adventures of Kiki and Kaos 2

"Oi Boss! Me cannot get to pummel Kiki with teh leash on-lah" Kaos tugging the leash in futile.

"Why you want to beat her up? She did nothing bad to you," I answered sleepily, it was a rather hot afternoon.

"Stay away from me, you smelly and impolite animal!" hissed Kiki from under the sofa.

"Oi Boss! There she do again. She say me smelly and impolite."

"But you ARE smelly and impolite."

There was a chuckle from under the sofa.

"You hurt my feeling Boss," Kaos laid flat on the carpet, pedalling his body with his hind legs.

"Oh just grow up already you two. And Kiki, you don't smell like a bouquet of roses either."

"That was uncalled for," sniffed the cat from under the sofa.  


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