Of Education and Beer...

I am in the library right now, watching some 30 odd students 'reading' books in front of me. 'Reading' is a strong word, to be precise, most of them are just browsing through the books, with the pages meaningless in their own faces, mainly talking and joking among themselves.

If these children are the future of the country... our future is really bleak indeed. Who are we going to blame next? (If you dare to say blame the teachers, I'd break your neck if you are near me).

Students (brilliant and stupid alike) are really good actors. When at home, they are every parent's dream-child, obeying every whim and holding on every word. 
"Nothing is wrong with my child, he's a real angel." Words so commonly heard by teachers, especially from parents of troubled students in school.

It's human nature. We do change our behavior out of the monitoring eyes of beloved parents. So teachers witnessed the true colours of all children under them; because we are actually considered as 'outsiders'. And when back at home, they don back their angelic masks and pretend everything is right as rain.

Oh I can rant on and on about this... but most of you might say, what the hell? They are only children. Then wait for your own children to materialize, and then join the blind and mute. Don't believe what your children's teachers said. They just love saying bad things about your angelic son and daughter because they got nothing better to do.

Anyway, I met a younger friend of mine in town and we went for supper last night. He expressed that he was in trouble because he got no job and to make matter worse, his bad qualifications hindered his opportunity. I told him;
"Now you regretted your fun-filled schooling days right? I bet you feel bad about skipping class. I know you wish to turn back time.... ya da ya da yada. But really, it is too late for all that."

Most people will never learn until bad things happen.

And he bought a can of beer at a convenience store (I had soy milk, ok!). I was really surprised but never made myself heard (because I believe in freedom of choice). So young, chain-smoking and now a drunk. I did many bad things in life, but I never take alcohol - because I am a classy kind of bad person.

I like to watch people shrivel and die in front of me. Especially if they do it onto themselves. Advice can be dispensed upon asking. It's a free country after all.


Inkpot said...

I know some parents and their children are brats and behave like brats in front of them and yet they still think they are angels. Sometimes the children don't have to change their behaviour in school, the parents are blind to them no matter what they do.

I know you are a very perceptive teacher Shadowthorne, but unfortunately not all teachers are. From my own school days I know that most teachers didn't realise when the students were lying to them and had no idea what the students were really up to.

People think children are sweet and innocent, but they're not. They are lying, manipulative, nasty evil creatures. I learned that young and it helped me see through their lies when I used to teach.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Maybe it's because I have no children of my own; that's why I can see how devilish these kids really are.

Sometimes it amazes me how parent can choose to turn a blind eye when it comes to their children's true colours.

There's a limit to denial.

And yes, I did fool around in school. I wasn't the nerdy type. Nor was I the extreme type who skip school almost every other day.

Yes, out of 11 years in school, I only did my homework diligently on my 11th year.

But still, I know where to draw the line. And that's why I am where I am today.

Shadowthorne said...

Inky; I hate liars the most. So when my students promised (finishing homeworks, changing attitudes etc) and then failed, I'd get SO angry.

I truly cherished the obedient students and quietly (ok ok sometimes loudly vocal) cursed the rest. I do not wish to have high-blood pressure, so I vent my anger quickly.

Aizan; like I constantly said; we are a classy type of evil people.

Vyazz said...

Hmmm...children can be a bit crafty. Truth be told, in todays day and age, with the sort of upbringing and exposure to unwanted media, children can end up as real brats. One of the reasons I'm not gonna be a paediatrician.
And as far as the case of ur friend is concerned, I have seen most of my own friends go haywire in life.
Truth be told, I genuinely sympathize with someone who life has been ruined by circumstances beyond his control.
But I don't sympathize with someone who has deliberately ruined his own life!

Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz; oooo you hate children that much? :)

And yes, this boy is deliberately messing with his own future. All I could do is watch and grin. :)

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