Words From An Educated Psychopath

You guys have your own things to brag about everyweek; either in illustrations or the very clever wordplays. I have no time to do sketches, and I am not patient enough to plow with words. So starting from today, I'd just entertain you all with a weekly dose of whatever my students got from me; either bombardments or words of encouragement. (Monday or Tuesday)

"I don't care what your Chemistry and Biology teachers tell you how it should be done. I want it written my way and you can do nothing about it. I am the law in this lab." - of science experiment reports, when students said they wrote differently in Chemistry and Biology. They have to rewrite it -

"No matter how many of you failed or passed with flying colours, my pay is still the same. Better still, my pay is elevated every year. You don't even know if you will ever got a job." - to students who believe they can do harm @ play head-o-logy with me -  


et said...

AWWW.. isn't that rude? :(
I haven't really understood how students, when turned teachers, can actually think against!

Shadowthorne said...

et; sometimes we got students who just love to see their teachers explode. And I am one who strikes back.

Aizan Suhaira said...


Vyazz said...

Wow...u really run ur class like a military camp!!...hehe

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; I like being mean. It's my natural personality.

Vyazz; I just hate students who cannot follow orders. And I USUALLY repeat these orders thrice!!

Inkpot said...

Oh, I like these quotes. Look forward to reading more of them.

Shadowthorne said...

Inky; thanks. :)

SSQuo said...

The first is fine, I mean its part of these young minds learning to adapt to a certain style. This is something they will probably learn in life too, esp. with a boss etc. They may like or not like it, but theyll have to do it and in time realize what is good to pick up and learn from this person and what to avoid.

On the second, hmmm, well - I, personally think (and from what I have gauged through our short blog friendship!:)) that you care for the students far more than this statement implies. And yes, perhaps you know better as to what will work on them, so maybe this will. I am not convinced though.

Do students really feel good if they know the teacher is being affected in some way. I think more than remuneration, the emotion is what is most looked at right? If they think (or if it is true) that based on the performance of the class, the school will judge your performance, then your statement is fine use.

OK long comment, Just recovering from flu, so if it doesn't make much sense, please excuse me!

Shadowthorne said...

SSQuo; Thnaks for the long comment, with flu and all.

I was a good student in school and it saddens me to see so many youngsters just throw away their chance to create a better future for themselves and family.

I wish I can really do things my way, because I CAN get better results with my evil methods. They just wont let me... ermmmm

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