Kiki was a bit angry when I put the new cat in her cage. (She hissed like a kettle!) I told her to grow up because she's going to have a larger place to roam- my actual room. Kiki is already house trained and does not need to be locked up everynight. I love this cat. 

This is my new American un-curl cat (ha ha ha). A colourpoint with soft downy fur and red eyes. As you people are so lazy to read my blog (*snif*) I have to think up some fantastic names for this female feline of mine.

My first choice was 'Aditi', which was a lioness' name but unfortunately that name did not suit my new cat. She is very very VERY timid. A scaredy cat. Then I remembered a latin name of a particular mouse, 'Araphone' (I had her a year ago). And a Japanese nick name I call myself a long long time ago, Kakeru. So please welcome 'ARAPHONE I KAKERU @ KERU'!!! :)

p.s. - Keru is so timid... if I let her out, she'll go to the nearest corner and sulks. I think the previous owner didn't treat her quite well. Ok then, I'll try my best.


Tenchi said...

Congratulation for getting a new pet...Its nice n pretty kitty...kakeru is almost same as the keroro cartoon character name...

Aizan Suhaira said...

Your cats have such complicated names.

I shudder at the thought when you have children.

I just hope you don't name your son Mambang Junior.

Shadowthorne said...

At least my cat do not have pretentious names like 'Princess Keli' or 'The Duchess of York'.

The more fantastic the breed, the more ridicilous the name would be.

At least I am combining my fascination with Greek and Japanese literature to name my pets. :)

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